Gürsu President of the Chamber of Agriculture

The Chairman of Gürsu Chamber of Agriculture Kamil Dönmez Gür
“I live the loser of not being able to make sense of this ridicule. It is played with the efforts of the public with its Ankara-focused and Gürsu collaborators, the fast train project. We're against the station, not the fast train. We are against the dagger stabbing into the heart of the Gürsu Plain. We protest against the local politicians and those who play with the fate of the Gursu farmer in Ankara at the table, holding a bowl of nature, accepting the station as a gift to Gürsu. We would like to thank Mr. Bülent Arınç, the provincial president of power and Mustafa Öztürk. They understand us, they care. Lıy

The right to end the enactment of the TÜYÜ TÜ
Orum Today, I call the mayor, who spends the right of the unfinished orphan under the name of the fair, the festival. Think of the peasant's side. Do not force our patience. You dissolve the muddy streets of Gursu. You produce solutions to the lost trillion of Gürsu. You prevent Gürsu to become a illegal building paradise. Do not allow illegal structures of your companions. This farmer will not tolerate persecution. 3-5 is the entertainment of the person, paragliding, off road, rally race, Gursulun need not. We don't want the station. We want to protect the plain. Ov
This is the voice of a laborer, producer.
This is the common heart of the thousand laborers, thousand producers.
A tree, a bird, a soil, green of nature?
Or will it destroy these creatures and the green of the money?
I wholeheartedly congratulate Kamil Dönmez and the laborer, his producer friends.
Them; they're after the green of nature, not money.

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Günceleme: 24/11/2018 17:52

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