Ferizli Mayor, TÜVASAŞ said they are working hard to move to Ferizli

Ferizli Mayor Ahmet Cold Turkey Wagon Industry AŞ (TÜVASAŞ) said they are working hard to Ferizli to be moved.

Cold, a press conference held in his office, evaluated the 3 annual performances.

Noting that they have signed important works in a short time in Ferizli, X 3 has addressed the fundamental problems of Ferizli in a short time such as years. We tried to solve environmental problems and transportation problems. We have greatly reduced this problem with the road and overpass that we have made so far. Şu

Cold, Ferizli Municipality of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan revealed that the 2023 vision of the districts they want to implement said.

Soguk said that they will solve the housing problem in the district, acak We have important works for this. For a lasting, safe and economical solution to this problem, we are in touch with TOKI. We initiated a study on land that we will allocate to TOKİ. Currently there is no problem for TOKI to start housing. God willing, we'll soon shoot the first one, kaz he said.

Cold, Ferizli's highly productive agricultural land, but due to irrigation difficulties in agriculture, argued that they could not reach the desired level.

Sakarya Plain's important that there is a striking land for Cold Turkey, he continued:

Arya The Sakarya Plain Irrigation Project was prepared many years ago for the Sakarya Plain. We aim to implement this project in order to benefit sufficiently from agricultural lands. Our investigations are continuing in this direction. Hundreds of thousands of acres of land will be watered by the project that will allow the face of each producer will laugh. Yüz

- Controversies about the transport of ITASAS

Cold, Ferizli in agriculture, as well as in the field of industry, they want to develop, stating that they do important work in this direction.

Ferizli OSB is a good area for the industry pointing to the Cold, mel We are trying to make use of our district in the north of our country to benefit from developments. With the railway coming to Karasu Port, our district will have a transportation network. Port, shipyards and the North Black Sea Railway will have great developments in our district ile.

Emphasizing that TÜVASAŞ wants to be moved to Feirzli OSB, Soğuk concluded by saying:

Fer We are working hard to carry TÜVASAŞ to Ferizli OIZ and continue its activities here. Current developments are extremely positive. The issue of TÜVASAŞ being moved to Ferizli really excites us and the people of the district. Hopefully he'il move here. With the realization of TÜVASAŞ and the realization of other projects, there will be a large increase in the per capita income in Ferizli.

Source : www.haberciniz.biz

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