High Speed ​​Train in Spain: AVE

AVE High Speed ​​Trains are quite luxurious and suitable for traveling around the country. If it wasn't for AVE, the day trips from Madrid would probably not be possible. However, since AVE trains are in their early days, there are not many tourist attractions.
How do I Buy my AVE Train Ticket?

You can book your AVE tickets online:I www.raileurope.co
Where Can I Go with AVE?

Your departure point is Madrid, Seville, Malaga, Toledo, Barcelona.
Guided Tours from AVE

Take advantage of high-speed train travel to places where you cannot afford day trips due to the distance between you and a train that is suitable for you.

You can also choose the 2 day tour, which includes Cordoba. The AVE ticket price you will purchase for this tour is included in your stay in Seville one night.

Source: Near World

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