The foundation was laid for the Yıldıztepe-Yenikent-Çankaya Tram line in Eskişehir.

As part of the project for the extension of the existing tramway line, the foundation of the Yıldıztepe-Yenikent-Çankaya line was laid.

Speaking at the groundbreaking ceremony, Metropolitan Mayor Yılmaz Büyükerşen noted that they had laid a "engagement stone" rail in this region before.

Büyükerşen said that they aimed to start working at the end of February or March in normal conditions.

“Finally, today, we are laying the foundation by saying 'Ya Allah, bismillah'. In a short time, from the highest point of Eskişehir, from this hill, we will lower you to the plain. To us

They said, "He cannot get or find credit." True, 4.5 years to the State Planning Organization

(DPT) we applied, it was appearing in the Official Gazette, 'Eskişehir Tramway'. They would change only one sentence of this. They would say extension lines. Thus, he would enter the investment plan 4 years ago, and the Treasury would give us cheap and long-term loans. What happened - they did not take us into the DPT investment program for 4.5 years. If they had it, now you would be going to all lines with the finished system. With you, you would be using the trams of Emek and Çamlıca in the same arteries of the city. They didn't, thanks. What they did was not - We were unable to get foreign credit at the end, because Treasury bail is required. In case they did not, the banks applied to us again and said, 'Let's give you a loan' and they started to give credit. We examined the terms of these, got the loan from the most suitable one and went on to tender. What happened that delayed 4.5 years - we started again. ”

Tepebaşı Mayor Ahmet Atac also stated that this project is a project example to Turkey, "come and go all the metropolitan mayors, examines the tram. If your support continues, I hope the tram will go to Odunpazarı and other parts of Tepebaşı in the future and all Eskişehir will be built with iron networks. ”

After the speeches, Büyükerşen pushed the button of the concrete mixer and put the first mortar on the foundation of the line.

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