Railway march from former CHP deputy

  1. Kemal Demirel, who was CHP Bursa deputy in the 23rd and XNUMXrd terms, started a march between Bursa and Ankara to bring a railway to Bursa.

Demirel, in the press statement he made in Fomara Square, where he started to walk, said that they continue the campaign they started about 17 years ago to bring a railway to Bursa.

Stating that he wanted to walk between Bursa and Ankara and show that they would fight until the railway was built in Bursa, Demirel said, “Everyone wants a railway to come to Bursa. We are curious about the latest situation of the railway planned to be built in Bursa. For this reason, I will walk to Ankara. Railway is a reliable, environmentally friendly means of transportation. The arrival of such a transportation will be economically beneficial for Bursa, ”he said.

After his speech, Demirel walked 10 kilometers with Fomara to Erikli Junction in the central Yıldırım district for the first stage of his march with about 10 people who supported him.

Source : I www.ensonhaber.co



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