Logistics center is established in Esenyurt

Esenyurt Logistic Center is being built in the Kıraç region of Istanbul. The logistics center, which is the project of Eroğlu Gayrimenkul, will have a total closed area of ​​109 thousand 336 square meters.

Esenyurt Logistic Center is being constructed in Kıraç region where logistics and industrial facilities are intense. Designed by PMI Architecture, the project of Eroglu Real Estate will have a total closed area of ​​109 thousand 336 square meters.

The project will consist of three separate storage areas. It is noteworthy on the European Motorway's Hadimkoy connection, its proximity to the E-5 highway and TEM and its proximity to the sector facilities.

In the project, which is constructed with 1,5 cm thickness industrial floor covering on the reinforced concrete flooring, steel roof, fire resistant and PVC insulated roof covering in the A1 classification and ESFR (Early printed quick response) automatic fire extinguishing systems are also remarkable.

In the project where 1 pieces of reinforced concrete forklift ramps are planned for each block; There will also be a load elevator and a battery charging section with a capacity of 2 tons for each block.

65 is marketed by Esenyurt Logistic Center, which is the center of logistics center, which is realized with the investment cost of million dollars and attracts attention with its central location.

Source : I www.ulasimonline.co

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