Esenboğa Airport Rail System Project

Binali Yildirim, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, announced that the survey will start at the end of May in the project that will extend the Kecioren Metro to Esenboga Airport. Yildirim, Ankara Metro, the latest developments, told Hurriyet.

Binali Yildirim, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Ankara Metro to Esenboga Airport will extend the project, the last point, Ankara Hurriyet announced. Yildirim reminded that the subways that could not be completed for years due to resource shortage were transferred to the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications. In this context, they said that they took over the construction works of the 44 kilometers-long Ankara Metro. Minister Yildirim, if everything goes well, 2-2,5 said these metros will be put into service during the year. Some of the unforeseen circumstances may be under ground, they are aware of the Lightning,
Iz So we will work day and night without interruption. We will make every effort to ensure that our contractors do not face any hardship. Because Ankara, Ankara people need these metro lines. There is no country that can solve the traffic problem of metropolitan cities, transportation problem by road, individual transportation, roads, crossroads, overpasses. Public transportation, rail systems need to pay attention to, Toplu he said.

Xinjiang city center will be

Stating that non-governmental organizations in Ankara are in the industry room, manufacturers, tradesmen and citizens in all aspects of the project and they are working hard to make the necessary contribution. The new lines will be integrated with the existing line and we will have a comfortable, comfortable journey in almost every direction of Ankara. Thus, Sincan, Eryaman, Ümitköy, Kecioren will not be the remote districts of Ankara, but will be united in Ankara's city center. Böylece

2013 will be ready at the end

Every project they do, to meet the needs of the Minister stating that the Lightning, so the Metro line Esenboğa Airport until the decision to extend the said. Yildirim said that the extension of the metro line to the airport was of great importance for the residents of Ankara and that the project was approaching with precision. Lightning in the tender, reminiscent of the pre-qualification tender for the project in question on March 14 March 15 company announced the bidding was announced. Yildirim, after reviewing the prequalification files of these firms, said they will be notified to the companies that are considered sufficient to receive the offers in a short time. At the end of May, work will begin. In June, 2013 project works will be completed and will be ready for the construction tender. X Yıldırım underlined that the fact that 15 applied for the pre-qualification of the tender revealed the importance of the tender.

234 million dollars to 391 train set for Metro

BAKAN Yildirim, as well as the construction of new metro lines to be used in the Ankara Metro lines 324 also reminded that they will purchase the new train set. In this context, indicating that they have received offers from the Lightning, the domestic railway industry in order to improve the local contribution of the percentage of 51 emphasized that they set. Yıldırım said, acak Due to the urgency of the works, the domestic contribution rate in the first 90 set will be 30. However, the rest of the 51 will be native. Wishing to question the subway car manufacturing firms that are largely in Turkey, it will perform in the country. By ensuring this, we will have contributed to the development of railway technology in our country and at the same time, we will provide additional employment and employment opportunities by saving foreign exchange. Bunu Three companies have participated in the tender for the purchase of the said sets of Lightning, the lowest bid with the 391 million 230 thousand dollars, the Chinese company CSR Electric Locomotive Co. Ltd. has announced.

Source: Hürriyet


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