The world's 6 hourly train

evacuated Tube Transport (ETT) (Vacuum Tube Train) will be the fastest train in the world. Considered the transportation technology of the future and will be the fastest train in the world, “Evacuated Tube Transport ”(ETT) (Vacuum Tube Train) is cheaper and safer than trains and planes.
evacuated Tube With the Transport special system, 6500 can reach mileage and reach 350 miles. The train, where passengers or cargoes are placed in the tubes, provides the fast technology to travel as fast as space travel around the world.

Tubes on the train are even faster with vacuum technology after frictionless magnetic levitation kazanhe's eating.

You are traveling with electric tubes in this system, which is American patented and patented AŞ. If the project is completed, it seems that in 2050 it will be possible to go from New York to China with ETT in 2 hours, and to travel the world in 6 hours.

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