High speed train must come to Diyarbakır

Governor Toprak, m The Diyarbakir province Kurtalan by Elazig, Malatya, Sivas and Ankara will connect the railway to be reformed and converted into a fast train works are carried out Val
Stating that the biggest problem is the transportation network, Provincial Governor Mustafa Toprak said, “Issues such as providing the infrastructure of the road and railways, providing the infrastructure for energy needs arising from the mining point, solving the possible problems that may arise with the citizens in the land with mining potential are of great importance. Very important studies are carried out for these issues in the whole region, especially in Diyarbakır. In this context, double road works connecting Diyarbakır to the neighboring provinces have been completed to a great extent, as well as the road works that will connect Diyarbakır to the ports in the Black Sea and pass through Bingöl, Genç and Erzurum are continuing ”.
Toprak said, “I know that there is a recent development in Rize regarding the construction of tunnels over Ispir. Even next weekend, representatives of the important business community from Rize will review the necessary liaison and cooperation work here, as this road transport link between Diyarbakır and Rize has good results in terms of cooperation. So we should be able to download them to the ports. In terms of the important railroad connection, on the one hand, there are studies on the rehabilitation of the railway that will come to Elazığ, Malatya, Sivas and Ankara by Kurtalan and turn it into a high speed train. On the other hand, there are also efforts to establish the connection of the line that will connect Diyarbakır via Şanlıurfa to the ports of İskenderun and Mersin. I know that the connection on the Şanlıurfa side is in this year's program, I hope Diyarbakır connection can be established in the coming years. In our organized industrial zone, we have ginning factories in terms of cotton, in addition to feed factories, we have especially marble processing factories. The products processed from these need to reach the ports via rail, but what we need to do in the first place is to connect the organized industrial zone to the railway line. I would like to thank our government, ministers and members of parliament for this, the General Directorate of State Railways included in the investment program. His work is being done now. " He spoke in the form.

Source : http://www.diyarbakirsoz.com

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