Investigations Continue for the Cable Car in Denizli

The search for a place for the cable car project to be implemented by Denizli Municipality in order to differentiate the social life of the city and to increase the attraction in the mobilization of tourism in the city center continues.

Field investigations continue for the Cable Car Project, one of the different projects of Denizli Municipality. Stating that he cares about the ropeway project they will implement in order to differentiate the social life of the city and to mobilize the tourism in the city center, Denizli Mayor Osman Zolan said, “I believe our ropeway project will contribute significantly to tourism”. Stating that the plans for the ropeway to be built to a point overlooking the city are continuing, Zolan said, “Our investigations are continuing to choose the region that sees the city from the best point, the most suitable geographical location and easy transportation. Until today, 1650 meters high Göktepe, 1300 meters high Servergazi Plateau

and we made study trips to Bağbaşı Plateau at an altitude of 1650 meters. We try to choose the most suitable area by scrutinizing and weaving frequently. In the selected area, a flat area where those who reach the summit with the help of the cable car can do accommodation, shopping, picnic areas and many social activities. Denizli has an inestimable and unprecedented tourism potential. But we do not know how to use this potential. Tourists do not set foot in the city center. The only reason for this is that there is no facility and an interesting project could not be implemented. Different projects similar to this should be undertaken in the constantly developing city. Thanks to the cable car, both local and foreign tourists and our citizens will have the opportunity to see the city from different angles.

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