German companies received total 1 billion 50 million euro metro projects in Tehran and Tabriz

In one of the countries where the US-led embargo of Iran's most affect Turkey. Turkish firms were hesitant to do business in Iran due to the embargo, while German companies undertook huge infrastructure projects in Iran. The President of Iran and the Middle East Trade Development Association, which was founded three years ago, Özcan Alaş, expresses the foundation objectives as i piercing the embargo Üç.

Turkey is among the countries most affected by the embargo on Iran. Turkish firms were hesitant to do business in Iran due to the embargo, while German companies undertook the huge infrastructure projects in Iran. German companies received total 1 billion 50 million euro metro projects in Tehran and Tabriz.

Iranian and Middle East Trade Development Association President Ozcan Alas dev Germans, French, British, Iran, while undertaking giant projects, ours sells underwear. There is a fast train project in Iran. We went to our big company 10. They didn't want to take the job. This embargo is only applied to us. We established this association to break the embargo, Amb he said.

America is the leader of the embargo application. 146 product is embargoed. 80 million people in Iran, a foreign trade exceeds 16 billion dollars with Turkey. According to data from Turkey's exports to Iran 2011 years 3.6 billion dollars, while imports from Iran 12.4 billion dollars. Petroleum and natural gas are among the tops of the said import item. In exports to Iran from Turkey include textiles and food products.


We talked with the Iranian and Middle Eastern Trade Development Association President Özcan Alaş, one of the best known people in the country. Özcan Alaş says that 15 has been in close relationship with Iran since years. He says that he has a good relationship with Iranian authorities based on trust.

Ozcan Alas, most of the opinion that hit Turkey's embargo on Iran. Değil Turkish companies are afraid to buy jobs in Iran, göre said Alas.

Ti Iran wants to take everything from us, i said Alas.

Uz Iran is our close neighbor. But the embargo decision is only valid for us. Iran has three major infrastructure projects. The Germans undertook the project of the Tehran subway project with a million million dollars. The Germans took the project for the 450 Million Euro Tabriz Metro. Now there is a high-speed train project to reach Hazar Lake. We have talked with the largest 600 Turkish company in its field. We went all in one by one. We suggested that they enter this project. But none of them wanted to get into this. They said 'America will beat us'.

The embargo seems to be the only one of us. Founded in Iran, 27 is a big German company. A similar situation applies to British, French companies. They undertake enormous projects. We're going to sell frost-undershirt to us. We're afraid it can't be that either Kork


The second biggest badge experienced by Turkish companies exporting to Iran is about payments. Turkish company is trying to send its goods to Iran via Dubai, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Russia and Armenia. A new method has been developed for the payment of goods sent directly to Iran. Accordingly, Iran sent goods firm, is opening a branch in Turkey. Payment issues Trying to solve in Turkey.

The figures confirm this. Last year, the country companies established in Turkey, Iran with firm 590. Payments made on the Grand Bazaar are also applied as another method.

Özcan Alas also said that Halkbank and Bank Melat worked on the money transfers but that the two channels were closed in the last period.


Turkey argues that the measures taken in many of the measures against Iran Alash "Iran Mersin millions of pounds of goods in the Customs Office is pending. The reason, the embargo uluk Iran also rightly 'how is this neighborhood' he asks. But Turkey becoming lost. Against this situation, Iran launched the Batumi Port. Again in the textiles in its own country, 80'ler started to give incentives. We have lost Russia before, and now we are losing Iran. If Laleli is finished, Merter ends now. L

Özcan Alas, in the process of a number of tragic-comic experiences, he said. Alas “I talked to someone from Iran last few days ago. They came from Turkey 80 thousand dollars to buy the product. The product they bought is the sewing machine. 80 6 people come together so that one thousand dollars cannot be on one person. And each one came with a thousand dollars on 10-15. The situation we came with Iran is unfortunately at this point İran


Founded by Özcan Alas, Iranian and Middle East Trade Development Association (3) was founded a year ago. In the center of Istanbul, however, the preparation of new branches is in question. "I want to pierce the embargo imposed on Iran," says Alas, who in turn asked why they had formed the association with as many members as the 200. We is not true of the embargo imposed on Iran, we see that Turkey loser, "he says.

Source: Hürriyet

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