Extending Bursaray-Kestel line

Bursa Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, Bursaray Kestel line will be extended more 350 meters, he said.

Şükrü Aksu, a CHP member of the Metropolitan Municipality Council, requested that the last Bursaray station at the Kestel district entrance be taken 350 meters further into the district. Reminding that the Kestel City Council has also made a decision in this direction, Aksu said that the arrangement to be made will be welcomed by the people of Kestel.

Mayor Recep Altepe to the district of Kestel, Altest, Kestel Mayor Yener Acar and the council members examined the line together. President Altepe, who received information from the contractor company responsible during the inspection trip, said that the location of the last planned station is not suitable. Mayor Altepe, who walks up to the first intersection on Bursa Street, where the Kestelli people wanted for the last station, promised that the line would be extended further to the desired point by extending 350 meters from the underground unless there was a big mishap.

Mayor Altepe stated that the system can be used more efficiently by extending the line to a more 350 meter. “In this way, our citizens of Kestelli will be able to walk to an important station without using a vehicle. Our aim is to bring comfortable transportation with Gürsu and Kestel as soon as possible. We aim to complete the productions by the new year. Hopefully, with this arrangement, our citizens of Kestelli will be able to reach the university and Mudanya road uninterruptedly from this point by taking Bursaray. This will bring us an additional cost increase. However, our Mayor of Kestel will transfer the area in front of the shopping center to the Metropolitan. That area will be used for different services. ”

The Mayor of Kestel Yener Acar, recalling that this issue is one of the most important agenda items of the district, Kestel City Council also decided to extend the line 350 meters further, he said.

Source: Anadolu News. net

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