Two critical changes in Bursa's high-speed train route

Two critical changes were made to Bursa's high speed train project route. While the railway line was taken to the north of Gölbaşı, Gürsu Station was moved. Construction will start with two tunnels in Alaşar, but the location of Bursa Station has not been confirmed yet A

The tender of the high-speed train was held in 1 in August, but the result of the tender was announced at 18 November 2011. The contract with the producer consortium was signed at 30 December 2011.
In the intervening period, the construction of the high-speed train could not begin, nor did the discussions about the route have been concluded.
For example…
The Metropolitan Municipality objected to the consideration of Balat as Bursa Station and proposed Dheþavuş for the integration of passengers with Terminal.
As the Gürsu Station on the route, the reactions to the station in the region of İğdir Village rose.
In order to examine these objections and reactions on-site, technical teams from TCDD visited Bursa at different times, and they took the views of the Metropolitan Municipality and some non-governmental organizations.
The interviews and investigations still continue. In that sense, the construction of the high-speed train could not be started.
In this process, the first pleasing news came from AK Party Provincial Chairman Yalçın.
In the beginning of the week in Ankara, Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arınç under the chairmanship of the Mayor Recep Altepe and the central mayors attended the meeting following the meeting of the meeting with the Minister of Transport Binali Yildirim Yalcin, two finalized the changes in the project route announced:
U The high-speed train crossed the south of Gölbaşı from Yenişehir-Bursa and after Turan Village to the plain. Since this route would harm the agricultural areas in the plain, it was taken to the north of Gölbaşı. Bu
. As the Gürsu Station on the train route, the area of ​​the greenhouses in İğdir Village was determined. Since the agricultural potential was taken into consideration, the station location was shifted a little further westward than the greenhouses. Bur
AK Party provincial chairman Sedat Yalçın gave two more information, commenting on the two changes as bir the least harm to the agricultural areas İki:
Tren For the high-speed train, two tunnels are envisaged in Alashar Village. The works will start from these tunnels in Alashar. Çalış
He added:
Arazi There are two landed sites, one of which is factory, where these tunnels will be built. Two land owners were also interviewed. In order not to waste time due to expropriation or sales protocols, their consent will be taken and proceedings will begin after the construction starts.

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