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Bursa Main Transportation Plan: Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe, Altiparmak and Ataturk streets to be closed to the traffic of the pedestrian traffic plan is intended to open the mainstream heralded the end of the Transportation Master Plan.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe, who explained the 3 annual activities of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, announced that they invested in 1,2 billion TL. Altus stated that they have created a total of 69 projects and that they have completed 469 and that all projects are completed in 2 years. The Transport Master Plan which will carry Bursa to 2030, which was commissioned by Brenner company, has also come to an end. Within the scope of the project, Atatürk Street and Altıparmak will be closed to vehicle traffic. Atatürk Caddesi will only be left to tram and Altıparmak will be left to the primary bus lines with tram. There will be two-way tram and bus line at Kent Square which will become the main center of BursaRay and tram lines.

Mayor Altepe, said that they have done a great deal of resources with the resources, işler We said that the first day Bursa will be talked a lot. Today speaks to all of Turkey Bursa, "he said. The municipality in the last 4 90 million TL generates additional revenue and there is no debt to the official institutions Altepe said that the contractor companies 135 million TL debt. Altepe stated that Bursa could not get the value of the added value produced by the general budget, ın Bursa is the world city with one of the added value produced in 3. The income per person in Kocaeli is 650 pounds, while Bursa has 350 pounds. Bursa; Behind Kocaeli, Izmir, Istanbul, Ankara and Mersin. Gemlik'e refineries, Bursa's general budget share is doubled. Because, because of the oil, big profits give life to cities with tax share. Nevertheless, with our own resources and sponsors, we invested 3 billion in 1,2 annually. We don't have a budget problem. We do the metro, tram, stadium, bridges and other municipalities with their general budget resources. Genel

Altepe, the city's first tram of the statue of the sculpture line of the DLH and ministerial approval, the 2 will start the construction by Burulus in the month and 10 said they planned to finish the line in the month. Altepe said they worked in cooperation with Bursa Chamber of Commerce, university, businessmen and industrialists, stock exchange and university in the projects produced for Bursa. Pasha Farm has been prosecuted for years with the municipality. We bought a similar place in 400 liras for a thousand 380 liras. We accepted what they wanted. The demands were solved with a moderate approach. We exhibit transparent management. A single company was involved in the pre-rail system tender. The cost fell to one on 12. Resources are not very distressed, our income per person. We do the metro, tram, stadi and bridges by ourselves, and we revive the historical monuments with our own means. We want Bursa's rent to stay in Bursa Bursa. In the last 3 months, they are generating an additional income 4 million liras Altepe, '90 million pounds by the end of the year we are targeting additional income. Currently we do not owe to official institutions. 100 billion pounds have invested. The last 1,2 is a figure equal to the year's investment figure. Last year we got a significant loan. Total credit debt 10 billion pounds. Banks want to give us credit. Last year, we paid 1 million pounds credit. We do not mortgage the future of Bursa. Last year, our budget was 143 million pounds. Personnel expenses previously 899 / percent of the budget, while 1 1 percent of our period, 1 million pounds, X he said.

Altepe also pointed out that the largest service in the municipalities is expropriation, the last 15 154 million years of nationalization carried out in total expropriation said. Altepe, yılda We 3 150 million years spent expropriation. The most important achievement of municipalities is the expropriation. In this regard, our metropolitan municipality has a high performance, Bu he said.

In the rail system, the construction of the Bursa Ray Kestel line until the end of the year expressed the President Altepe, urban tram, the first of the first statue of the Sculpture Garage line DLH and ministerial approval, 2 will start construction in the month and plan to complete the line in the month of 10, he said. Altepe, "sports city sports projects in line with the start they 98 identity of the target municipalities who have the most facilities in Turkey. 60 percent of the rough construction of the crocodile are completed. With the removal of the stadium at Altıparmak, Altıparmak will turn into a festival, event and rally area. When the Crocodile Arena is finished, it will be a project of the world. This is money. Otherwise, our Prime Minister 50 will not send the million pounds for construction to take place. Yoksa

BursaRay will be the main backbone of transportation.

Prepared by the Transportation Master Plan targeting the 2030 year of Bursa. Owner of Brenner Manfred Brenner stressed that the historic identity of the city center would be lost soon if no measures were taken. After about 1,5 years of work, he prepared the Transportation Master Plan. Brenner stated that the number of daily trips made by private vehicles in Bursa is 2 million 476 bin 293 and this number will flow to 2020 million in 3,3 and 2030 to 4 in 300. Accordingly, 2030 in the number of journeys by special vehicles will increase by 70 percent of today, he noted. Brenner, Bursa According to our plans, the main backbone of transportation will again constitute BursaRay. In addition, 3 tram line consisting of 1 main and 4 ring, 8 units primary bus line and 75 units second bus line, "he said. Dr. Brenner, Altiparmak and Cumhuriyet avenues of the streets are important to be added, he added.

We are a candidate city for the winner of the Green Capitals Association

Indicating that the historical and cultural heritage projects have reached 260, President Altepe continued his words about 3 annually:, Zafer Park starts with build-operate-transfer project. Bursa is a candidate for the first place of the Union of Green Capitals. Following the Cumhuriyet Street, the facades of the buildings will be renewed with the construction of the rails in Altıparmak, İnönü and Darmstad Street. We will carry Besas to Gürsu City Hall. We made significant investments in sewage and drinking water. We've cleared the 200 school.

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