Bursa B. Assembly Meeting, City Square-Sculpture Tram Line Plan Passed by Parliament.

April meeting of the Metropolitan Municipality of Bursa was held in the historical city hall. City Square-Sculpture tram line (T1), which is one of the important elements of city rail transportation, passed the 1 / 1000 plan. In order to provide transportation in Bursa city center by rail system, Altepe stated that the plans of the Kent Square-Sculpture line were laid on the table. plan passed. This place will be auctioned. Construction by Burulaş will be completed in a short time. We will talk to the members of the Assembly on the next Tuesday. Meclis

The transformation of the municipality of Yıldırım into the urban transformation study concerning the 39 housing was discussed. The members of the Assembly unanimously authorized Yıldırım Municipality to prepare for the transformation. CHP Group stated that the urban transformation work in Yıldırım should start as soon as possible SözcüSüg Turgay Erdem, “We must wait for the law. Let's not decide hastily, Ac he said.

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