Btk and Logistics Center from the deputy Description

Tbilisi-Kars Rail and Logistics Center has put the final point of speculation.

AK Party deputy Ahmet Arslan, which will be held in Kars Logistics Center is very important, people from time to time 'Are you willing to leave the Logistics Center?' saying that they like to be said or someone like this, Logistic Center entered the investment program.

Deputy Ahmet Arslan, said in a statement; We are different from the others; We are the deputies of the ruling party. We don't have to come out and say something only. We are actually following the work. We know how it works. It is important for us that it is important for us to make the work progress and work well. Or you can say many different things in the media in front of the cameras to come out. Or when you hear something, you can explain it before someone else. Unfortunately, people outside us have such a desire. Let's just say we did. Our problem is 'let's not tell you,' we have to do our troubles. So we are doing Dolayısıyla.

BTK railway line has been re-projected as a double line and stated that the AK Party Kars deputy Ahmet Arslan; Lan Of course, we didn't stay empty in winter, ışın said Ahmet Arslan; . Especially in the next construction season, in order to be able to evaluate the 6-7 monthly construction season, we have been following all the projects to be invested and to start the procurement process. 1 Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway project is very important for our region, very important for our region and important route for our country BTK Railway Project has been taken a lot in this project, and a lot of tunnel output later on, plus super structure single line single a line on which the train could go was foreseen. In this period, after meeting with our Ministers, it was decided to have a double line in the superstructure. A new project has been prepared in order to become double lines, become electric and signaled and become a more modern station of the current station. And in this project 26 was auctioned in March. 600 Trillion TL. A bidding and the General Directorate of DLH is currently doing its intense work. The second stage will start as soon as the tender is concluded. This project is about 600 Billion TL. 1 quadrillion TL for the old money. a huge investment. Financially a very large investment. Great investment as the expectation of Kars. Turkey's expectations as a great investment, "he said.


They came out like others did. We'il do this. Arslan said that they would not be in need of anything to be seen in front of the camera and the media. Değil But we've always said that the BTK project is not meaningful for Kars alone. With this project, the Logistics Center in Kars is very important. People are hesitating from time to time was hesitated from the Logistics Center? Or someone like that. We certainly know that the Logistic Center in Kars has entered the investment program. The General Directorate of State Railways (DDY) prepares this. However, with the BTK Railway project, it needs to be finished and put into service. If the BTK Rail is unfinished only when you have finished the Logistics Center; The Logistics Center doesn't mean anything. Therefore, we follow this project to the end with the progress of BTK. We have to be a follower. We are different from the others; We are the deputies of the ruling party. We don't have to come out and say something only. We are actually following the work. We know how it works. That's what's important to us. For us, the healthy progress of the job and the job is important to come out of the cameras in front of the media can say very different things. Or when you hear something, you can explain it before someone else. Unfortunately, people outside us have such a desire. Uz Let's say that und, our problem imiz let's not tell you ol is our problem d we have to do. Ol So we do. Both the BTK Railway project is quite fast. And parallel to him, there is no hitch in the planning of the Logistics Center. Hem


Some political parties by the artificial agenda by frequently making the Logistic Center in Erzurum in the direction of the people who believe that the blank words drawn to the bottom of the AK Party Kars deputy Ahmet Arslan, then summarized the following:

“It's better to explain one more thing. People say, sir! Logistics Center is registered in Erzurum. No, I've been in this business for years. It is a different event that the Logistics Center in Erzurum or the loading and unloading out of the city are different. The Logistics Center, which is planned to be built together with the BTK Railway Project in Kars, is a different project. Therefore, the two projects must definitely not be included. Of course, this type of investments are made all over the country. So what is important to us is what is to be done in Kars. It is not very important what is done outside of us. I would like to emphasize this. Think of a bus garage for shaping the Logistics Center in the minds of people, or consider a place where you unload a load on a truck, load a load, and this is a small logistics center. The following is the logistics center for railways or trains 300 to 400 thousand square meters area is talking about a very large area. Nearly a hundred buildings and the following works will be done on this area. A lot of products will be produced here in the future, maybe to be packed, to be collected with the trains to be collected here will be decomposed. New loads will be made. And these cargoes will be able to go to Central Asia via Georgia in Kars and then will go to Kars-Iğdır-Dilucu, Nakhchivan and Iran via iron. What to do will be Customs. There will be workshops, there will be banks, there will be factories, a city in its own right is not a city where people live, people produce goods, their goods are shipped, marketed, I have all kinds of social equipment, maybe even a hotel. What the logistics center will bring to Kars. I'il tell him he brings two things to Kars. An employment will bring employment to thousands that are very important for Kars. this is so important for us. Secondly, 400 is closed on a thousand square meters of space, which is an industry that makes a lot of transactions when you set up this industry will get from the city, the city has to give. Therefore, it will contribute to tradesmen. Again in such a place, too many people from abroad will come. It's about the job, but we know that people will benefit from Kars when they come to Kars. They will travel to Guinea Kars. In this sense, they will put a contribution to this very importance.

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