Breathtaking Care at the Cable Car

The cable car which has been operating in 49 for years in Bursa has been maintained for a month. The staff who do maintenance on the ropeway wires, like rope, are doing maintenance and repairs. Employees of the poles and wires work in meters of height from the ground brings the heart of those who see the mouth.

The annual cable car service was started with the end of the winter season on the cable car which brought the citizens to Uludağ with a view of the city. Every year, the electric and electromechanical systems will be checked in this year's maintenance of the ropeway, which has been maintained twice before winter and summer. The cable car that provides alternative transportation to Uludag since 1963 will start its voyages again after the periodical maintenance that will continue during April.

Abdullah Çiğdem, Director of the Cable Car Branch of the Metropolitan Municipality, gave information about the works. Abdullah Çiğdem, since the 1963 Uludag in the alternative transportation used in the cable car, electrical and electromagnetic maintenance was done this year, he said. The 32 drew attention to the fact that the maintenance works planned to be completed in April can be completed 30 days before, if the weather conditions are appropriate with the self-sacrificing and systematic work of the team consisting of Çiğdem, 10 people.


In that case, 21 said that they tried to offer the cable-car to the citizens on April Saturday. Yıl In January, February and March this year, 54 bin 454 citizens benefited from the cable car. In the past years, the average 30 thousand passengers carrying cable cars this year with a passenger who increased the number of 80 percent broke the record.
Operating technician Mehmet Topal said in April that the 4 cabin, 16 reel and the 310 pulley on the cable cars were maintained. Mehmet Topal, defective ones are renewed by explaining, others were also prepared to be lubricated and prepared.

Önder Yıldırım, who showed an example of courage in the wires, said that he loved his job and said, der 10 is doing this job for years. Taking the necessary safety precautions, we also put on the safety belt and run the wires. When you pay attention to the security measures, there is no problem. Iy . If you eat your bread without fear, you will do your job without fear, yap said Ali Çağlar 28 said that this task for years.

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