Bombardier Establishes Sub-Industry for Investment in Turkey


📩 25/02/2023 21:29

The investment that Turkey has made in the railroad in recent years and will be made until 2023 is also carefully followed by Bombardier Transportation. The company, which opened a Sub-Industry Development Office in Istanbul in 2008, looks forward to investment in Turkey. Bombardier Transportation, which offers smart transportation solutions in more than 60 countries around the world, is willing to invest in Turkey. Bombardier Transportation Technical Consultant Nezih Ertürk and Global Procurement Office Team Leader Esra Özen, speaking to our magazine Transport, emphasized the importance of Turkey's investments and remarkable breakthrough in the railway field in recent years.

reminds Turkey of the far rail projects by 2023 it would invest $ 20 billion Nezihe Erturk, "sustainable Bombardier, the operator in favor of changing it according to the old rules of today's needs, operators in the Turkish transportation sector by offering innovative rail solutions, and we're looking to establish strategic cooperation with relevant organizations. Turkey, fast trains, rail and public transport potentially huge market with investments in rail transport system. We aim to participate in all these projects with our worldwide experience. ”


as Bombardier Transportation, Turkey's first subway system Erturk reminiscent founded in 1995 in Ankara, this project was followed by Istanbul, Eskisehir, Izmir, Adana and light rail and tram systems in Bursa said they were successfully implemented. Stating that they opened the Bombardier Transportation Global Supplier Industry Development Office in Istanbul in 2008, Ertürk said, “This office aims to identify and develop potential Turkish manufacturers that Bombardier will be able to cooperate with for long-term projects in the world market.”

Railway underlines that starts to become increasingly popular in Turkey Erturk, they followed developments in Turkey very closely related to railways and said they viewed. Bombardier Transportation Referring to the importance of the Global Industry Development Office, established in Turkey Erturk, said their study of industry in Turkey through this office. "We have received investment in Turkey on the agenda," said Erturk, "Therefore we are trying to create an industry in Turkey. You can not produce in a place without sub-industry. However, in order to start domestic production, you should be able to guarantee competitive and Bombardier quality production and be able to deliver the goods in the desired time. ”


Bombardier's too hot to look at the fact that production in Turkey are drawn Ertürk said: "We started preparations for it. As before, after that we will be much more active in Turkey. We can do it ourselves if production in Turkey, we can also through partners. This topic is clear. We act as the most suitable and competitive solution on a project basis. We have now supplied rail systems to more than 60 countries around the world. Our manufacturing is in Italy, Poland, Germany, Austria, USA, China, Czech Republic. We can manufacture all over the world. This is a completely professional approach. Where can I find a more competitive solution, I can provide better quality service, this is important. That's when we're positioned there. ” Less than 15 years ago in Turkey will make high-speed train or subway to work Ertürk pointed out that domestic companies have, thanks to emerging markets in the railway noted that many Turkish construction company doing business in Asia and Africa.


Ertürk said that 75 percent of the electric locomotive market in Europe is in the hands of Bombardier, and that they are world leaders. Ertürk, who said that he should not only evaluate Bombardier as a manufacturer, emphasized that they are a company that designs and develops technology. Explaining that Bombardier designs all the products he produces, and that they get their power from providing engineering services, Ertürk said, “We are now the world leader in locomotives. In other areas, we are either leaders or second. "In terms of technology development, manufacturing and product delivery," he said.

Stressing that the luxury of such a project in Turkey had to enter my Erturk, the rail system in Turkey, underlined that the huge demand. Stating that the railway markets in China and Russia have great potential, Ertürk said that in recent years, China and Russia have invested billions of euros in high-speed train. Ertürk explained that in Europe, cities have modernized or extended their existing lines.

ESRI ÖZEN: "We are sending from Turkey to WAGON PARTS MANUFACTURING in the US"

Bombardier Transportation's Global Purchasing Office Team Leader Esra Ozen while noting the importance of the Global Industry Development Office, established in Turkey, said: "We started a few years ago to investigate the rail potential in Turkey. Since we saw a significant potential, we saw a significant potential in this regard in domestic suppliers. That's why we established a purchasing office in Istanbul in 2008. This office is investigating suppliers throughout Turkey. We are developing suppliers and trying to raise them to the Bombardier level. Since we attach great importance to quality, we provide technology assistance to our suppliers to reach this quality level. Ultimately we bring to Bombardier level and gives parts suppliers in Turkey our projects around the world. These are the parts that are needed in all kinds of trains. On the train, such as interior linings, various metal and mechanical parts. If appropriate industry in Turkey where we're going. We made a very important part of recovery from Turkey in the last 3-4 years. For example, a piece can go from Turkey to manufacture cars in the United States. In a kind of infrastructure to create movement in Turkey for production we can say.

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