Bitliste 36ncı Tourism Week Events

Bitliste 36ncı Tourism Week Events

A program was organized at Nemrut Ski Resort as part of the Tourism Week activities celebrated in Bitlis between 15-22 April.

During the week, while many activities were organized by the Bitlis Governorship and the Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism, ski lovers first performed a show at Nemrut Ski Resort. Bitlis Governor Nurettin Yılmaz, who participated in the program, stated that people in many provinces enjoy the sun, but there is still skiing in Bitlis. Yilmaz, "Turkey's daily blackout in several provinces in an air-sea environment Tourism Week is launched, we are launching a different beauty in Bitlis. We enjoy skiing here. Because there is enough snow here for us to experience this beauty. As the winter and ski season closes in many places, we will ski at least 20 more days. We invite those who love skiing here. We have all kinds of possibilities. We have a view of Lake Van. We have Ahlat 15 kilometers away. We also have historical beauties here. We are in a place where anyone who wants to have a holiday can find anything. We want everyone to open this door through which our ancestors entered Anatolia. I want everyone to experience the beauty here. We are sure that Bitlis will get the share it deserves in terms of tourism. From here, our valuable businessmen have a great responsibility. I hope our region will reach the position it deserves in terms of tourism ”.

Speaking after Governor Yılmaz, Bitlis Culture and Tourism Provincial Director Hüsnü Işıkgör said, “I hope we will open the 36th Tourism Week in Bitlis by skiing. We live in winter when everyone says sea sand. This beauty is one of the beauties in every part of our country, there is an expression that skiing is still done in Nemrut Crater Lake, which was chosen as an exclusive destination in 2010. We will experience this beauty together. I wish this week to be successful, and I would like to thank our Governor Nurettin Yılmaz and other public institution chiefs who contributed ”.

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