Approval from the Municipal Council to Haydarpaşa Port

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council approved the second stage of the Haydarpasa Port project. The 1 / 5000 scale zoning plan, which aims to transform Haydarpaşa and Harem districts into commercial and touristic centers, has passed by the municipal council by majority of votes.

The plan sent to the Conservation Board in 2011 was divided into two, Kadıköy region has been approved; however, corrections were requested in the remaining part of Üsküdar district. The plan approval of the Haydarpaşa Transformation Project, which started with the protocol signed between the Republic of Turkey State Railways and the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality in 2007, was approved by the Metropolitan Municipality Council. TCDD, stating that it suffered an economic loss in the project, in which an investment of 5 billion dollars is planned, requested that the municipality service area and social facility zoning on its lands be changed in the letter it sent to the Metropolitan Municipality. As a result of the evaluation made by the Municipality Zoning and Public Works Commission, the zoning plan of the land owned by TCDD was taken into the tourism and trade area and its economic value was determined. kazancost was provided. The plan was submitted to parliament for final approval. The City Council accepted the plan proposal from the commission unanimously. After the plan to be sent to the Conservation Board, a tender will be made for the project.

Source: ZAMAN


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