Passenger train derails in Batman

The passenger train derailed in Batman. There is no dead nor injured in the accident.

The passenger train of the Kurtalan Express, which is owned by TCDD, which runs the Ankara-Kurtalan flight, under the direction of mechanics Metin Bozan and Davut Sever, derailed at the location of Yaylıca village of Batman center. While the train with 11542 passengers was not killed or injured, the generator car was damaged.

Passengers and some of the derailed wagons of the train were brought to Batman, and a crane was requested from Diyarbakır for the damaged generator wagon.

Batman TCDD Station Manager Hidayet Göktaş stated that they thought the accident was caused by the old rails and technical error, and stated that the Diyarbakır Traffic Tracking Coordination Center was in charge of investigating the accident.

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