Crazy offer from Ankara to Beijing: let's weave a network of railways with Turkey!

The economy was at the forefront of the Chinese government. Minister Binali Yildirim said that they called for investment in China, 'We are planning a single high-speed train line from Edirne to Kars. There will be lines in the project that will cut this up. China'ye together let's build the proposal 'he said.

On the last day of the Chinese trip, I asked the Minister of Transport Binali Yildirim for the balance sheet. Prime Minister Erdoğan took his investor ministers. Minister of Economy Zafer Çağlayan, Minister of Transport, Communication and Maritime Affairs Yıldırım, Energy Minister Taner Yıldız Z
The Chinese have enormous cash accumulation. Turkey also will make 70-80 billion dollars of investment over the next decade. Yildirim and his team, especially TCDD General Manager Suleyman Karaman began to enter into negotiations. Not yet reached the desired point. Binali Bey, however, said that the process has just begun, and which projects the Chinese are interested in:
'The high-speed train is our priority. We are planning a single high-speed train line from Edirne to Kars. Overhead fast train line. We're discussing it with the Chinese. Let's spread the high speed train lines that cut this line to points like Trabzon, Adana and Erzincan. Let's build the Chinese together. You finance. '
According to the minister, the 35 is a billion-dollar project. If achieved, the Chinese-Turkish co-production will be built with iron nets around the country. Both for high-speed trains Hem
Isn't that exciting?
And what do the Chinese think?
The General Director of TCDD maintained its optimism and had not yet achieved its hopes. 'We need to work harder,' he was in this state of mind.
Minister Yıldırım's response to the same question was as follows:
'The Chinese first expect detail projects to become clearer. However, they do not as a whole but also offer to make high-speed train lines. We will put more effort on. '
The Chinese are hard bargainers. They are very successful in trade. All the businessmen on the board agree. Minister Yıldırım, China also visited the third bridge, Channel Istanbul (Prime Minister's crazy project) and some of the port said they are doing talks about the investments, 'China, is interested in these projects. Many visits to be made mutually 'he said.
Economy Minister Zafer Caglayan also shared the results of the meeting with the CEO of China's leading 27 company. 465 billion dollars, has a turnover of these companies that want to benefit from the huge investment they are willing and incentive system in Turkey, he said.

Prime Minister Erdoğan has 2023 targets. The Hundredth Anniversary of the Republic of Turkey was focused on being one of the ten largest economies. Not easy. Each year at least percent 6-7 growth is a must. For her, energy is needed. Another investor who tried to withdraw money in China, like Binali Bey, was Minister Taner Yıldız. Three nuclear power plants are planned. The Russians will do it. It focuses on China and South Korea for others. After the Fukushima catastrophe, their appetite decreased, but the Japanese could enter the pot. Even a last minute Western energy giant can be activated.
We talked about the long-term new financing model with Minister Yıldız. Stating that US and European companies only look at profitability and feasibility, Yıldız said, 'Some investments are strategic. That's how the Russians look. In the new period, the state-private partnership in the world will become widespread. We are trying to catch that trend in advance 'he said.
We talked with the Minister on the way back from China about the issue of nuclear power plants in more detail. Yildiz, 'If you compare the situation in rotation with the points we set out from Turkey reveals how a table' I turned the question. 'I'm more optimistic, we'll definitely work with the Chinese. In this trip, we signed 4 billion dollars. Our goal is to make the nuclear, also establish a partnership for thermal power plants' he said.
I wrote a great part of this article on the way back from China. 11 hourly flight time. His ambitious words, pleasant sounds and dreams to hear in the name of the country he likes to hear. China has reached its current dazzling growth trend in the last decade. So it can be done.
We are in a global crisis period. Maybe it's coming to an end. Turkey survived the minimum damage. The contribution of political stability is great. The government is now on the agenda in the medium-term ambitious projects and objectives. Starting from Istanbul, they plan to invest in the whole country. The need for money, the state-private partnership and the mixed model to walk through interstate agreements are at the forefront.
Even though two Asian trips in two weeks were also on the agenda with political and diplomatic departments, the long-term planning behind the scenes focused on the economy.
How much of your dreams can happen Hay

In Beijing, Deputy Prime Minister Bekir Bozdağ and THY General Manager Temel Kotil went to talk with them. Kotil'e, 'THY really successful, was our pride. But what about the delay? I asked. The summer season, the tourism season is approaching. Day does not exceed the time of departure or arrival in Istanbul 2-3-XNUMX time delay. Kotil looked at Minister Bozdag and answered, 'If our government makes the third airport, we will survive.' Immediately afterwards, he made the assessment with the striking knowledge:
'According to the latest reports, the annual 120 will have a million passengers capacity. That would be great. When it does, Istanbul really gets the top position. Our competitor in Europe has a capacity of 90 million in Frankfurt. We'il be past him. Beijing, Atlanta and Istanbul are ranked in the top three. In this case, the Middle East, Central Asia, Europe and all other international destinations will become a transit point without alternative. '
The government wants to assess the rapidly evolving international face of Istanbul in Turkey. He plans to support the infrastructure projects as well as the financing center. Kanal Istanbul, the third bridge, Marmaray and the new airport is completed in the real sense of a world metropolis is the strategy of transformation. Of course, the source needs, in this respect China is one of the alternatives. But it will have to be negotiated longer.

Source: Evening

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