Ankara-Konya YHT expeditions increased

According to the statement made by TCDD, Ankara-Konya-Ankara YHT voyages were arranged to meet the increasing passenger demands with the arrival of the summer months. YHT'ler from Ankara and 8'er from Konya will serve daily 16.
YHTs from Ankara; 7.00, 09.35, 11.30, 13.00, 15.15, 17.15, 18.30 and 20.45 hours,
From Konya; 06.45, 08.30, 10.00, 12.15, 14.30, 16.00, 18.00 and 20.30 will move at the time.
6 2012 will be implemented as of April 2.


New Diesel Train Sets with YHT are now being upgraded from 4 to 6. The connection to Karaman will be provided by YHTs moving from Ankara to 7.00, 11.30 and 17.15, and with the new diesel train sets moving from 9.15, 13.40 and 19.20 hours in Konya, Karaman will be reached at approximately 1 hour. Karaman'dan 07.10, 10.50 and 16.30 moving diesel train sets (DMU) will continue to provide access to Ankara through YHTs connected to Konya.

Ulukışla-Karaman-Ankara between YHT-linked Selçuk Express comfort
On the other hand, passengers arriving in Konya with YHT moving from 15.15 to Ankara; Selcuk Express will move from Karaman to 19.06 and reach Ulukışla at 21.13.
The passengers departing from Ulukışla at 5.40 and the 7.47 moving from Karaman to 10.00 will travel to Konya at 11.44 with YHT moving from XNUMX.

-YHTs will stop at SİNCAN AND POLATLI-

YHTs moving from Ankara to 09.35, 13.00, 15.15, 18.30 and 20.45 will stop in Xinjiang, while those moving in 09.35, 18.30 and 20.45 will stop in Polatlı. YHTs moving in 08.30, 12.15, 14.30, 18.00 and 20.30 from Konya will stop in Sincan, while those moving in 08.30, 14.30 and 20.30 will stop in Polatlı

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