İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Tram Lines Project-Karşıyaka tram line project approved by General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments

Real by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality
to be expanded “Karşıyaka and Buca Tram Line
New developments on projects Proj were recorded.
According to the information received by the Investments Magazine; Karşıyaka
project and feasibility reports of tram line infrastructure
It was approved by the General Directorate of Investments. This
the authorities we met at the stage, project construction and
approval of the feasibility reports
they will be presented.
Within the year of 2012 after obtaining the necessary approvals
tender proposals will be made from the firms will be requested.
Authorities, Infrastructure Investments of Buca Tram Line
By the General Directorate
also noted that the talks are continuing.
As is known, the EIA related to the said tram lines
report confirmation. 19 kilometers long
Karşıyaka 107 million dollars of tram line, 6
It will be miles long. Buca is on the tram line
24 is expected to cost $ 1 million.
Ref .: Investments Magazine 1063 / 16 January 2012 (ŞB)

Source : http://www.yatirimlar.com


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