We Suggested to Gaziantep, Istanbul Captured!

Energy Bir-Sen Gaziantep Branch President Ali Yücel stated that the solution of the traffic problem of Gaziantep could only be possible with havaray months ago, with the Gaziantep public, but they did not learn the positive or negative thoughts about Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality and the authorities.

Yesterday, we learned that a national project was planned for the city of Istanbul. Interior Minister Idris Naim Sahin, Istanbul in the direction of the arrangements to be made in the transportation system will be converted into buses buses, 20 up to a thousand people in a hour can carry passengers "havaray" project is intended for Istanbul said.

President Yücel said that the authorities should start working on HAVARAY, which will solve the traffic and transportation problem of Gaziantep to a great extent. The traffic problem of our city will be solved to a great extent by the introduction of all the roads occupied for the tramway and the stops to HAVARAY application, and re-included in the vehicle traffic. ” said.

In our city, although the existing tram application has usurped a large part of our main streets, the transportation facilities provided by the tram are limited, while Yücel emphasizes the inadequacy of the options of road crossing routes. it will be possible to travel to many points of the city center and to solve the problem of public transportation, due to fast transportation and low fare tariffs, HAVARAY will be the most preferred transportation and travel choice of our people in a very short time.

Even though the city transportation fees in Sanliurfa are still 1 TL, it is not possible to understand the gap between 1,8 TL in Gaziantep, although the public transportation vehicles in both cities work with the same fuel. It should not be overlooked that our citizens, who have the most middle and low income, are benefiting from public transport.

While our roads are narrowed for the tram application and our city's environmental texture is degraded, our roads that fall into a single lane at some points will expand again with HAVARAY, and that our landscaping will be redesigned. It will be more beneficial to put the HAVARAY system to the service of our people, regardless of the cost, by terminating the tram application that has turned the traffic problem in.

In addition, it will be a good decision for the authorities to ensure that secondary school students can benefit from public transport free of charge on 23-24 April.

Source : I www.gaziantephaberler.co

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