Are measures taken to prevent accidents in the Istanbul Metro?

Mahmut Keçeci, who was blinded to the right foot by falling on the rails at the Osmanbey Metro Station, was detained on the grounds that 'there is no orientation for the visually impaired'. officials 'crimes' and 'duty negligence' crimes for the offense. The prosecution, according to the law, requested permission from the governor to conduct investigations. A report was prepared by investigating the investigators to investigate the case. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality News'> Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality inspectors prepared in their report, Keçeci "careless and ill-advised" stated that there is no place to be given permission for investigation. When the governor's office decided in this direction, the authorities did not have permission to investigate.


In the 18-page report prepared by the IMM Inspector Kaya Albayrak, Mahmut Keçeci, who is 1.5 percent visually impaired, was found to be defective. The following statements were included in the report prepared. “Although it was stated in the claim that Osmanbey Station does not have at least XNUMX meters of barriers apart from the places where the wagon doors coincide, this system, which is expressed as the Platform Separator Gate System, isKabataş This system is located at the Seyrantepe station, which is built for the safety of all passengers with the driverless system in the funicular line between the funicular line and also because of the reasons such as matches and concerts. Since the above mentioned criteria are not in question in other metro lines, this application has not been required. Since there is no shortage of operation due to the formation of the accident, there are precautions to prevent the accident, since the station marking has warning signs for pedestrians not to cross the yellow line at an appropriate distance before getting on the metro vehicles.

It is a travel card that can be used by people with Disability Health Board Report at a rate of 40 and above, and the complainant Mahmut Keçeci and his friends, who use the handicapped card and subway free of charge, do not consider this warning even though they are warned about the use and assistance of disabled personnel by security personnel. state that the visually impaired citizens use this law to show that they are being treated as ill-advised; it was concluded that there should be no cautious action and no action was required for the authorities due to these reasons. kin


Mahmut Keçeci, who worked as a switchboard officer in the Regional Directorate of Foundations, maintained his claim by objecting to the prepared report. He also applied to the Keçeci Regional Administrative Court. Keçeci stated that the report was prepared by an Istanbul-based inspector and his own employee and said the Istanbul Governorship was based on this report. Keçeci said, itiraz We appealed to the Regional Administrative Court. The report says there are no flaws in the municipality that are not flawed, all the flaw is due to my uncontrolled behavior. Pedestrian speaks of the rules I have to follow in terms of obligations. For example, one of these rules is that I need to wear a sleeve in my arm. This is a completely out-of-date, stigmatizing, debinding and exclusionary perception. I do not know whether there is such an arrangement in legislation, but I will file a criminal complaint about the IMM Inspector Kaya Albayrak. Mev As a law enforcement, Keçeci argued that there was no obligation to make it clear that he was visually impaired. Belli Let's not make a fool of people. People can see that I don't see them on the move. Moreover, how the cuff will perceive the yellow lines or perceive the rails, Kal he said.


Evaluating the other reasons in the report, Keçeci said, değil As if it were a visually impaired person who had seen and saw, the report mentioned the light and brightness of all warning systems. This is actually a humiliation. In other words, it is well known that a person who does not see does not perceive visual elements. Yani Keçeci, olduğun Seyrantepe and Funicular stations in the world of folding doors applied by the examples they say are small. Seyrantepe the reasons for the match played and concerts. The reason for the funicular is that the vehicle is driverless. However, 18 is not aware of the fact that we live in a city of millions and that the transportation load is in the subway. All metros are actually more intense than Seyrantepe. 15 a game will be played once a day or at certain times to do this practice is done in this very ridiculous. Even children tell the children even refuse it, Çocuklar he said.

Keçeci said that he expected the results of the Regional Administrative Court, K ​​My application will be finalized after 1-1,5 months. If the same attitude continues during this time, the governor of Istanbul resists its decision based on the report of the inspector, and there is nothing we can do in terms of domestic law. There's only one choice. To lead the European Court of Human Rights. I want to try this way because I believe I'm right. Bu

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