9 hourly strike for high speed train in Bursa!

9 hourly strike for high speed train in Bursa!

We had transferred the interesting development from these columns the previous day.
The head of Gürsu Chamber of Agriculture Kamil Dönmez and the headmen of 10 villages of Gürsu Plain did what they said so that the station on the high-speed train line would not be established in Gürsu and started a hunger strike in front of the municipality on Friday.
With the high-speed train station planned to be established in Gürsu, the agricultural staff of Gürsu, who claimed that the agricultural lands will decrease and the surrounding area will be built and the plain will be removed by hand, said that the hunger strike they continued for 9 hours, AKP Provincial Head Sedat Yalçın and AKP Bursa Deputy Mustafa Öztürk, came and ended at midnight the same as he promised.
When Yalçın and Öztürk, who came to the hunger strike tent at midnight, promised that a station would not be established in this area despite the Gürsulular and asked them to end the hunger strike, the agricultural staff took note of these words and put an end to their actions.
Adaköy Headman Abbas Erdem, Ağaköy Headman Ali Kocaefe, Cambazlar Village Headman İsmail İyisever, Dışkaya Village Headman Recep Çelik, Ericek Village Headman Recep Tuna, Hasanköy Headman Ertuğrul Ture, İğdir Village Headman Halil Oğuş, Karahıdır Village Headman Yılmaz Uysal and Kazıklı Village Headman The placement of construction machines in front of Gürsu Municipality to break the hunger strike in which Bahattin Göleç, the headman of Kumlukalan Möyü also participated, and the placement of many flowerpots on the stairs at the entrance of the municipality to prevent sitting was another development that caused the reaction of the farmers of Gürsulu.

Source: Bursa Domination

Günceleme: 24/11/2018 17:51

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