3. bridge, capital gas and fast train

Prime Minister Erdogan's breakfast with Chinese companies 3. he sought the bridge. Economy Baka-nı Çağlayan said, Başkent Chinese firms aspire to nuclear, high-speed trains, railroads and the capital Gaz. Ekonomi
Economy Minister Zafer Caglayan, chaired the meeting held at Shanghay'da Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that Turkey was marked by the new incentive system. Caglayan, Turkey's logistical advantages of Chinese companies have pointed out that the very keen to benefit from the convenience of the new system of incentives and investments. Çağlayan said that Chinese companies are willing to operate on nuclear power, highway, high-speed train projects, railways and ports, 3. said they could do the bridge. Chinese CEOs automotive primarily in Turkey, energy, telecommunications, air transport, rail transport and banking sectors, including many that want to invest in the area save Caglayan 'New encourage Chinese companies wishing to benefit from the system of increased interest in Turkey will turn into investments in the coming period We believe in the assessment found.

Iron and steel, jewelry investment

Caglayan, in interviews with CEOs, from companies operating in the energy sector, they want to take part in one energy tenders in Turkey, Capital that expressed their interest especially with gas auctions transfer Caglayan, that aspire Chinese firms areas, he said: "The train equipment and locomotives producing company If you want to take part in tenders for High speed Rail, he said they try to invest in Turkey for production and maintenance in the field. The company, which operates in the field of automotive and communication, announced that they would like to invest in electric vehicle production and communication. Company R & D center located in Turkey, would make new investments in logistics and storage, he said that they closely follow the developments in the communications sector. The company, operating in the nuclear energy sector, said it wants to cooperate in nuclear energy security. At present, 10 has more than a thousand jobs in the iron and steel industry and has announced that it has an investment plan for iron and steel. China's largest 105. The company, which operates in the field of transportation, said that it is interested in Edirne-Kars high-speed train project and wishes to take part in the iron-silk project. The company, which operates in the jewelery sector, said it was planning to invest in precious stones, jewelery and marble related areas, as well as to invest in the sea, history and cultural tourism. Still another described the company undertook a major investment project in Turkey stressed that the plans under the new incentive system. "SERVICE ECONOMY

Partnership proposal for third countries

During his visit to China with Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, a number of ministers and businessmen, DEIK CEO Rona Yırcalı was also present. Yırcalı, the Prime Minister, with the ministers, the visit of a businessman with 320 personality is not only economic, but also important as political, he said. Chinese businessmen delegation that met with Turkish businessmen and situated Yırcalı bilateral talks, he said that he had invited Chinese businessmen to invest in Turkey. Yırcalı, they want to work with Chinese organizations active in Africa and Middle East, due to the strategic location of Turkey in the region to work jointly with third countries, in Turkey he said that they were very eager.

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