Train Wreck in the Netherlands: 136 Passenger Injured

The Amsterdam suburban train collided at 18.36 yesterday with the high-speed train from Den Helder from the Sloterdijk station in Amsterdam to the direction of Nijmegen. During the collision, 136 people were injured in two trains. While 80 of the injured people received outpatient treatment, 56 were sent to hospitals by ambulances. Of these, 13 injuries are life-threatening. The injured from both trains were removed from the wagons in a short time with the contributions of the fire brigade. During the evacuation of the injured, firefighting ladders were used during transportation to the accident.

Both trains are among the seriously injured. While the accident was not made a description of the accident was initiated.

Long hours after the incident stopped transportation at Amsterdam central station. There were no train services between Amsterdam and Schipol. Many places were transported by passengers to buses.

North Holland State Council Member Köksal Gör said that about 136 people were injured in the train accident and 13 of them were in bad condition.

See, can Thanks to the fact that this collision is in the region where the maximum speed of the trains should be around 40 and 50 kilometers, there is no loss of life. Most of the injuries were broken, crushed and cut.

Northern Netherlands State Council Member Koksal View, whether the wounded from the Turks is not known yet, he said.

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