Deputy Uzbek: We are running for the railway.

One of the local news sites in the description of the Bayburt deputy Bünyamin Özbek, Bayburt 2011 and evaluated the investments 2012.

Investments made in Bayburt, Kop Tunnel, December Tunnel, Natural Stone Project, as well as other investments, as well as summarizing other investments in the representative of the Uzbek, populist on the rail, not a day to save the trend, he said.

Lar Our geography is very difficult. There are mountains, slopes. It needs to be a separate 50 kilometer tunnel. The project for the routes outside of Bayburt is said to be 6-7 billion. The railroad is what we can talk and solve here. What we can say is not an event. What we can say is an event. We're running for civil society organizations, politics and ministries to pass it through Bayburt. We have a wish. Let us also make the project out of Bayburt-Of. Whichever side is more convenient. We claim that the 6-7 2-3 will be made for a billion dollar XNUMX-XNUMX billion dollars is made from our region. We have business. I think the train will make a great contribution to this region, Tren he said.

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