United Kingdom Ambassador David Reddaway, currently Turkey's investment in the railways sector said they followed a great admiration.

United Kingdom Ambassador David Reddaway, Turkey's investment in the currently railways sector, noting a great admiration they follow, "Our bilateral partnership because the political environment is very strong between Turkey and the UK will save a good way to development" dedi.ingilter railway sector trade delegation of Ankara ' Speaking at the conference held by the Ankara Chamber of Industry (ASO) in the ASO meeting room, the British Ambassador David Reddaway said that the fastest growing railway sector in Europe is the sector in England, and the production capacities of their countries are very high in terms of infrastructure, engineering, services, consultancy. said it was improving.

Noting that much importance to cooperation with Turkey Reddaway'a, share their experiences, he told us that made in seeking opportunities to work with partners in Turkey.

The political climate between Turkey and Britain voicing Reddaway'a thought it was very solid, "the most powerful supporters in Turkey's EU entry. Turkey will accomplish many things in the same way in the future. "Our bilateral partnerships are developing well between the two countries," he said.

President Abdullah Gul that the red and white lighting during a visit to Britain, the lights for the first time a visitor to the country's flag colors in London burned stated that Reddaway'a, the railways cooperation between Turkey and Britain, he said he hoped to be reflected in the industry.

Reddaway'a Turkey's investment in the railways sector at the moment and they followed a great admiration how this situation has also stated that they would be aware of effective cooperation between the two countries.

- "The British made the first railway network" -

TCDD General Director Süleyman Karaman meeting will be held tomorrow in the UK railway delegation, he said the presentation will be made about the railway sector in Turkey.

Turkey, including Ankara's center will be equipped with high-speed trains expresses Karaman, he told us to do both passenger and freight lines for high-speed trains.

Karaman stated that 11 percent of the 70 thousand-kilometer railway network in the country was renewed, and 30 percent, which requires heavy maintenance, will be renewed.

double line of Railways, Karaman explaining that the electrification and signaling, in more than half of the line diesel that works in Turkey, he said they should be converted to electric.

Karaman stated that they want to implement the Silk Railroad from Beijing to London by building the Marmaray and Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway, and said, “Thus, the Asia-Europe rail transport corridor will be made more effective. The eastern gate of the Silk Railway is Beijing and the west gate is London. "All our work is done by considering this line as the main backbone."

Approximately 4,5 billion-dollar investments continued annually, Karaman said, adding that investments will continue.

Stating that the first railway line, the 470-kilometer İzmir-Aydın line, was built by the British between 1856 and 1912, Karaman said that England hosted students for graduate education in the field of railway.

- "The target in 2023 is 26 thousand kilometers of railway network" -

DLH Infrastructure Investments Deputy General Manager Metin Tahan also stated that organized in order to develop relations in the railways sector between the meetings of the UK and Turkey, journeys comfortable, since the current 2002 is intended to quickly and securely made in the railways, as in all areas of the sector, he said implementation of major breakthroughs.

Stating that Turkey's railways around the construction quickly continued Tahan, before the Republic of 4 thousand 136 kilometer railway network, he said the addition of 4 thousand 700 kilometer line is done.

after 2003 is a thousand 76-kilometer railway structures, a thousand 630-kilometer ongoing construction of stating that it is aimed to be completed in mid-2013 Tahan, Turkey, Azerbaijan and reminded that Georgia in terms of the strategically important 76-kilometer Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway line continued construction.

Tahan, 285-kilometer Adapazari-Bartin railway line continues to work, the 370 company to serve the 27 kilometer Izmir-Kemalpasa-Turgutlu railway line will be completed in the second half of this year and said that the operation.

Tahan, which is designed to ensure the integration of Atatürk and Sabiha Gökçen airports with the Marmaray project, continues the tender works.

Source : http://www.zaman.com.tr



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