Both tenders of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality for the tender projects for the renewal of the cable car were objected.

Metropolitan Municipality's second tender for the shipbuilding Chamber of the Chamber of Ship Engineers, the cable car renewal tender came from the Austrian company.
Two of the tenders of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality regarding the important projects for the city were also objected. The municipality, the 15 passenger ferry and 28 pen spare parts purchase for the second time was made. However, the first one, which caused great controversy, was opposed to the Chamber of Ship Engineers Headquarters. The Chamber filed a petition with the Attorney Support Services Department through the lawyer Arif Ali Cangı.

The tender was announced to be canceled in April on the grounds that it was against the principles and regulations of the Public Procurement Law No. 30 in April. In the tender, the petition alleged that the basic principle of ülk ensuring transparency, competition, equal treatment, public control, meeting the requirements in a timely manner and in time and ensuring the efficient use of resources ın was not complied with. The participation of our national class organization Türk Loydu was prevented. All arguments show that the specification is 'delivered to the address' Bütün.
In the first tender, the selection of the boat model as a catamaran with the carbon composite material used in the construction of the body of the ships put the domestic shipbuilding industrialists in trouble. In the shadow of the criticism, only the tender was submitted to the tender held last December and the tender was canceled. Ship engineers who appealed to the second tender last week, the Izmir Bay never in the original design of their silhouette was not equipped with steamers, he noted. It was emphasized that the opinions of the people of Izmir should be taken by the methods such as questionnaires and meetings. The petition, "the technical specification is trying to define the ship, Izmir, Izmir is not in accordance with the needs," the statement said. It was emphasized in the petition that the composite is an expensive material and that speed cannot be a priority parameter on a ship to be taken for short distances and it is not possible to maintain the described ships in the local shipyards.

Renovation work postponed again
The tender of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality to renew the Cable Car was transferred to the Public Procurement Authority (KIK). Austrian company Doppelmayr Seilbahnen Gmbh, which made the highest bid and was eliminated in the tender held last February, in which 3 companies participated, took its objection to the KIK. On top of that, the tender kazanThe contract that was envisaged to be signed with the STM company was also automatically postponed. Three companies competed in the tender, which was held for the second time last year. Doppelmayr Seilbahnen Gmbh Company made the highest bid with 14 million 400 thousand TL. Leitner AG/SPA and Fırat Ticaret Derviş-Sami Mütevellizade Joint Venture made the second bid with 10 million 980 thousand TL, while the lowest bid was given by STM Sistem Teleferikmonti ve Turizm A.Ş with 10 million 225 thousand TL. STM, the lowest bidder, kazanwas. However, the highest bidder, Doppelmayr, first submitted his objection to the Metropolitan. The tender commission rejected the appeal. The firm brought its objection to the GCC. Thus, the construction works, which were expected to start in April, were postponed for at least 1.5-2 months.

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