Discussions on Tüvasaş's Transport

President of the Parliamentary Human Rights Investigation Commission and Ak Party Sakarya Deputy Ayhan Sefer Üstün stated that they want to make TÜVASAŞ a world brand and said that they want to offer their land for the benefit of the city after moving to Ferizli district of TÜVASAŞ.

The superior, AA correspondent, the population of Sakarya 1 million, based on a variety of projects to relax the city reported that they are working.

Noting that the industrial facilities inside the city should be moved out of the city, Üstün said:

“This is the logic applied in all cities, what is the industrialist in Istanbul coming from Istanbul to Sakarya today? TÜVASAŞ also stayed in the city because the industrial facilities remained in the city. Speaking to the rail system with the Ministry of Transportation, our Minister of Transportation Binali Yıldırım said; "Our factory has stayed here, the wagon industry has to develop in Sakarya, but in such a narrow land this cannot expand, so let's move it out." On the question 'where shall we move?' He said, 'Get close to the port and the railway line.' When we look at the map together, the idea that Ferizli Organized Industrial Zone would be suitable was developed due to being close to the port and on the edge of the railway.

This is not just about TÜVASAŞ. TÜVASAŞ will be transported, as well as EUROTEM, which is also a partner of TCDD next to TÜVASAŞ. Apart from that, TÜVASAŞ has many subcontractors and those subcontractors will come there. ”

He pointed out that the industry could develop further with the interconnected industrial facilities located on the same land, and with the moving of TÜVASAŞ to Ferizli, the subcontractor companies in Derince, Pamukova, Sapanca and Arifiye will also go there and the wagon industry will emerge. .

"When we are deputies, they made the same accusations 10 years ago before I sat in my chair," said Üstün. They said, 'These will privatize TÜVASAŞ'. However, TÜVASAŞ has not been privatized, it has now become a world brand. We make wagons to many countries, we want to make TÜVASAŞ a world brand, and we want to offer its land to the benefit of this city. Just as if we introduced the Agricultural Equipment land to the people of this city, the land of the ratio will be made available to the Sakarians. In this regard, we support this project in this framework. In this context, I say to those who think small, "Please come, think big if you think of Sakarya".

- Light rail system work-

Üstün stated that they support the light rail system project of Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality and stated that the project will meet the demand of everyone.

Pointing out that the rail system will also reach different regions with the project, Üstün said, “Let there be a light rail system but stay in the station”. Now the station will remain in place. Therefore, it is a project that will both meet the objections of those who object and also the needs of those who say 'there is a traffic problem'. A project that will feed the line between Adapazarı and Istanbul and integrate other districts into this line. I also care for this. ”

Emphasizing that the Adapazarı-Haydarpaşa line was rehabilitated, Üstün said:

“Sometimes I hear, it is said, 'Is the Ak Party lifting the Adapazarı train-' No. Ak Parti increases the Adapazarı train from 60 kilometers to 180-200 kilometers. It will even pass under the sea. In doing so, we receive negative reviews from the opposition from time to time. We do not accept these. This project is a very important project for Sakarya, we support it, we thank our Metropolitan Mayor for thinking about such a project and for establishing a dialogue with the ministry. ”

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