TÜVASAŞa liquidation

Cihad Koray, Vice President of Transportation-Sen, said that TÜVASAŞ was included in the scope of liquidation and that the move to move the factory to Ferizli was a part of this initiative.
'Against Moving'
There was a reaction from Transportation-Sen regarding TÜVASAŞ, whose move to Ferizli was on the agenda. Cihad Koray, Vice President of Transportation-Sen, said that they were against moving TÜVASAŞ to Ferizli during his visit to MHP. He argued that the factory would be disposed of under the name of relocation, making it incapable of production.

'Button pressed'
Koray said, “The button was pressed to liquidate TÜVASAŞ. As the Rotem grows, TÜVASAŞ will shrink. The Sakarya public should notice this situation now. In 1999, when the factory was excluded from privatization, the drum and zurna were played, but it was as much liquidated as it was taken at that time. Now the infrastructure for this is being prepared. The factory is being sacrificed, ”he said.

Visit to Yenihaber

Cihad Koray, Vice President of Turkish Transportation-Sen, visited Yenihaber with the union officials. Meeting with Sezai Matur, our Editor-in-Chief, Koray explained the facts underlying TÜVASAŞ's move to Ferizli.

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