The Fact of TÜVASAŞ.

Demiryol-İş Union Branch, which prepared a 4-page statement to explain the facts about the move of TÜVASAŞ to Ferizli, gave up this initiative with the suggestion of the headquarters.
Public opinion The idea of ​​moving TÜVASAŞ and Eurotem factories to Ferizli district was discussed by the public for a long time. Demiryol-İş Union reacted to the idea of ​​relocation with its statements and stated that the privatization process would start after the move. Demiryol-İş Union Sakarya Branch, which wants to create public opinion and announce the facts of TÜVASAŞ, prepared a 4-page information and explanation text. It was aimed to reach every segment of the society and to inform people from all professions about the realities of TÜVASAŞ with these statement texts, which were prepared on February 3 and published thousands of copies, signed by Cemal Yaman, Head of the Branch of Railroad-İş Union, Secretary General Muammer Güneş and Financial Secretary Dursun Yıldız. However, it was learned that the explanatory texts were not distributed to the public at the request of the headquarters and were shelved. It was learned that Ergün Atalay, the President of Railways, who declared that he was against the relocation of TÜVASAŞ, abandoned the idea of ​​distributing the statement texts because he continued his initiatives in Ankara on this issue.
The 4-page statement text, which is not distributed to the public, includes interesting topics such as the request to privatize TÜVASAŞ, Eurotem, wages of workers, and the decrease in the number of workers. In the text of the statement prepared by the staff of the Demiryol-İş Sakarya Branch, but not distributed, "Railways-İş Union has defended democracy, human rights, labor and the increase in production in workplaces since the day it was founded, in line with the understanding of responsible unionism. He shared the truths he knew with the public, without taking any political line or being a party. In this direction, while Sakarya, the city we live in, has many problems, the project regarding the transfer of TÜVASAŞ and Eurotem factories to Ferizli district, which was put forward by our Sakarya Deputies, has been opened to public discussion. At least 60 million dollars were spent for the construction of the factory after the earthquake ”.

In the statement, it was stated that a cake of more than 10 billion dollars will be formed with the investments made by the railways and the light rail system projects of the metropolitan municipalities, “Domestic and foreign organizations aiming to get a share of this cake want to enter this market by taking an experienced institution such as TÜVASAŞ. In addition, our Ministry of Transport had a private firm prepared a report containing the TCDD Law and restructuring projects in order for the railways to be affected by the privatization policies carried out by the governments in our country. The purpose of this report is to divide TCDD into several parts and to separate its affiliates, including TÜVASAŞ, from the Ministry of Transport and bring them into privatization. As the Railway-İş Union, we opposed this project because as a result of this project, which was previously implemented in countries such as England and Germany, many problems, especially accidents, arose in the railways, and the ways of nationalization were applied again by abandoning this project. Railways-İş Union prepared an alternative project against this prepared project and put forward its opinion, but no positive result has been achieved so far. The aim of this project is not to provide more employment. The aim is to withdraw the state from the economy, to destroy the institutions, to create a society without unions, which lacks social security and works with low wages ”.
One by one
In the text of the statement continuing as "It is necessary to see the whole picture well", "Since there is no water in TÜVASAŞ! Since TÜVASAŞ has no operating deficiency! Since the number of TÜVASAŞ workers has decreased from 3000 to 760! Since TÜVASAŞ does not create environmental pollution! Since it doesn't make a noise that goes beyond the sound walls! Since there is no traffic reason! Even if 1500 - 2000 workers are hired, since the factory is capable of operating! TÜVASAŞ transportation and especially its evaluation with Eurotem
We should know that there are other reasons under it. For these reasons, it is necessary to focus more on Eurotem than TÜVASAŞ, to look at the purpose of Eurotem's establishment 6 years ago, and to examine why it was established on only 30.000 square meters of land within TÜVASAŞ's land. As the Railway-İş Union, we were told that 30.000 square meters in those days
such as the lack of space and a factory. In later years
Eurotem will make moves into TÜVASAŞ, and growth will take place in TÜVASAŞ
workshops and TÜVASAŞ is a public institution, the government
that it does not grow public institutions, shrinks, hires, does not invest.
therefore, TÜVASAŞ will be slowly melted down and left in Eurotem's lap,
at the groundbreaking ceremony held openly to our deputies and those responsible
We expressed. However, at the groundbreaking ceremony, Sakarya deputies
Replying from the rostrum, Eurotem is not a threat to TÜVASAŞ and Eurotem
that it will produce light rail systems, jobs will be opened for thousands of Sakarya young people,
Expressing that they will contribute to the country's economy by exporting abroad, they stated that it is our essential duty to be comfortable as a union and to keep TÜVASAŞ alive. When we look at the point we have reached today, seeing that what we have said that day as a union happened one by one has justified and does not make us happy. 50 percent of this factory belongs to the South Korean ROTEM. 15 percent belongs to TCDD. 35 percent belongs to the company ASAŞ. When we look at what Eurotem has done in the past 6 years, the production of 96 sets for Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and 450 wagons within the Marmaray Project has started. During the summer period, Eurotem was unemployed for 6 months and worked as a subcontractor for contractors that got work from TÜVASAŞ. When we look at the number of personnel, they employ 100 workers these days when the jobs are the busiest. These workers are employed by a subcontractor firm and they choose this way to prevent unionisation. When we look at the wages of the employees at Eurotem, there is a complete exploitation of labor, the excess of working hours, the payment of overtime in small amounts and the amount of wages they receive is between 750-850 TL. Until today, they have not done any work other than the domestic projects mentioned above, they have not even exported garbage to abroad. When we look at the work done by Eurotem, the wagons are produced in Korea as a whole, they are brought here by ships and trucks, and the localization rate does not exceed 10 percent by only assembly work. 450 of 100 of the Marmaray Project will be produced in Korea in the same way.
and the localization rate will be below 10 percent. TÜVASAŞ lands, TÜVASAŞ workers,
TÜVASAŞ workshops, TÜVASAŞ technology, in short, TÜVASAŞ facilities are made available in return for undisclosed financial value ”.
Eurotem's move
Eurotem management, realizing that they are faced with the obstruction of the Demiryol-İş Union regarding this demand, started to search for a new place because they realized that they could not grow in TÜVASAŞ's lands and workshops. and by making secret secret plans TCDD management, TÜVASAŞ management, Ministry of Transport and Sakarya
they started to work with the deputies and searched for a new place.
Here we wonder this. Eurotem, 85 percent of which belongs to private persons and organizations
Why does the future of the factory concern our attorneys and officials so much? Is the problem of the authorities Eurotem? Is it ASAŞ with 35 percent partnership? Or is it TÜVASAŞ, which has no problems and goes to disappear day by day due to retirement? This should be disclosed to the public. As the Railroad-İş Union, we cannot say that Eurotem will move to a new large area. We can also provide support. We will be very pleased that the factory exports and hires hundreds of new workers and contributes to the economy of Sakarya. However, TÜVASAŞ should be associated with this factory and this factory (workshop), which sticks like a tick on TÜVASAŞ's back, needs to be separated. Eurotem was established for the purpose of light rail systems, and TÜVASAŞ produced and repaired all the wagons of the country and from time to time produced various projects abroad with various partnerships. Unable to fulfill its promises in its own world, Eurotem is trying to be a partner in TÜVASAŞ's business by joining TÜVASAŞ, and we clearly see that it is in an effort to continue its life thanks to TÜVASAŞ and TCDD. We would like to call out to our government officials here: If your aim is to keep TÜVASAŞ alive, you need to hire TÜVASAŞ workers. Currently, 760 workers, 400 officers, 400 subcontractors work in the factory. It was said that even if 1000-1500 workers are recruited to TÜVASAŞ, there is no physical deficiency.
Jigsaw board
Stating that it would be more correct for non-governmental organizations and the visual and printed media to present their opinions and thoughts by knowing the facts, “While these developments are taking place in Sakarya, the officials of non-governmental organizations who make statements without knowing the facts, valuable reporters of our visual and print media and our citizens on the street knowing the facts It will be more correct for them to put forward their opinions and thoughts. We should avoid showing those who oppose their projects without thinking, examining, let's change everything, throw them out of the city, play with historical textures in order to do something new, as a staticist and opposing mentality. We should consult with non-governmental organizations that have a culture of city and democracy, and ensure that new projects are carried out by examining their positive and negative aspects altogether. If this is not done, we should not turn our Sakarya into a jigsaw puzzle by wasting the big money, which is the right of our unfinished people. Why do they support those who support the announced projects?
why they should listen to the digestion of democracy and respect their views
We need to show. The facilities established with big money can easily be demolished and
that we are not a country rich enough to waste
we believe it would be more accurate to open new employment areas. However
many organizations in our country is operating in cities and no one
The best examples of this are Tüdemsaş in Sivas,
We can show many factories in Tülomsaş in Eskişehir and in Sakarya. On this occasion, as the elected directors of the Railways-İş Union, in 1951
established, contributed to the economy of the country and Sakarya, in the development of our industry
has fulfilled its great responsibility, has been the gateway to thousands of people,
Our TÜVASAŞ should not be fed to someone under the name of moving it somewhere,
employees, not being exploited, uneasy, moving from behind
against the idea of ​​moving together to avoid future privatization
We wait for you to leave, we present our respects ”.

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