TÜVASAŞ General Manager Ibrahim Ertiryaki, TÜVASAŞ'ın ready to do our part to move to Ferizli said.

Turkey Wagon Industries Inc. (TÜVASAŞ) Director General Ibrahim Ertirya said, "We are ready to do our part to TÜVASAŞ the Ferizli to move," he said.

Feriroglu Mayor Ahmet Sozen visited Ertiryaki, said in a statement here, found the evaluations of the future of the factory.

Ertiryaki, emphasizing that they want the factory to grow, m the closure or privatization of the factory in Ankara or Sakarya never never came up. We want to enlarge the factory and finish our orders on time. We want to produce much more and provide a job. Çok

The move to the factory in Ferizli recently pointed out that the current Ertiryaki, Ferizli is a district open to development, he added.

Ertiryaki expressing a warm look at the move of the factory, said:

Den It will be a distinct advantage that the railway and sea ports pass through Ferizli. Our factory is not only buildings. I am looking forward to the relocation of TÜVASAŞ. In Ferizli, we were delighted by political parties and non-governmental organizations to come together and speak in the same language. We are ready to do our part to move TÜVASAŞ to Ferizli. TÜ

Expressing his satisfaction with the visit of the Mayor of Ferizli said that they want the TÜVASAŞ to move to a larger area and to grow.

Cool said, they started the study on this issue, Fer People from every sector or institution, the views of the transfer of TÜVASAŞ'ın Ferizli is positive. This issue has caused excitement in our district. We are ready to provide the desired land for TÜVASAŞ and Eurotem in Ferizli Organized Industrial Zone. Fer

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