Ertiryaki, who visited Ferizli Mayor Ahmet Soğuk, made a statement about the future of the factory.

Ertiryaki emphasized that they wanted the factory to grow and said, “The closure or privatization of the factory has never been on the agenda neither in Ankara nor in Sakarya. We grow the factory and deliver our orders on time.
we want to finish. We want to produce much more and provide job employment ”.

Noting that the factory's relocation to Ferizli is on the agenda recently, Ertiryaki stated that Ferizli is a district open to development. Stating that he was very keen on the relocation of the factory, Ertiryaki said: “It will be an advantage if the railway and sea port pass through Ferizli. Our factory is not just about buildings. I am in favor of moving TUVASAŞ. Political parties and non-governmental organizations come together in Ferizli.
coming and speaking the same language pleased us. We are ready to do our part to move Tüvasaş to Ferizli. "

Ferizli Mayor Soğuk, who expressed his satisfaction with the visit, said that they wanted TUVASAŞ to move to a wider area and grow. Stating that they have started a study on this issue, Cold said, “I have people from all walks of life, and view our views positively about moving TUVASAŞ to Ferizli. This issue has created excitement in our district. We are ready to give the land requested for Eurotem to TUVASAŞ in Ferizli Organized Industrial Zone.


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