Turkey's urban rail vehicle

Turkey was formerly very easy for them to sell urban rail vehicle. They had the chance to sell their wagons to the Turkish cities at the price they wanted. Because, our company did not have this business in our country.

The German firm Siemens, Bursaray the first batch of cars 48 car manufacturing company established in Sakarya public tender required for TÜVASAŞ (Turkey Wagon Industry Inc.), even to cooperate with the installation, we remember that hot look far-fetched.

For this reason, we have not forgotten that the Turkish engineers, who were taken from Sakarya to the factory in Germany, were treated as 'technology spy'.

But now, Siemens sold the vehicle to the exorbitant prices of other companies, including the advantages of Turkey was eliminated.

We see that Simenes has presented a letter of gratitude to the Ankara Metro for the 324 car wagon purchase tender opened by the Ministry of Transport.

In China, Spanish, South Korean and three Korean companies have bid.

In other words, when they lost the chance to sell to high figures, they chose not to enter the tender.

It wasn't easy here.

Turkey, tram and metro tool-making business that the shrinking market share in soyunuk by now they know very well they can not sell vehicles to the numbers they wish.

Wagon trusts, the Ministry of Transport, according to the requirement of the domestic contribution of the percentage of 51 attracted prices lower than one.

A wagon to 8 million paid in Turkey, Ankara showed that the tender, this figure has dropped to 200 thousand dollars.

We heard about it in Istanbul at the weekend, but the Chinese firm didn't give a chance to European producers before the tender for Ankara tender was opened.

The Chinese CSR company, taking into account the local contribution rate, offers a total of 324 million 391 thousand dollars for the purchase of 230 vehicles in the Ministry of Transport of the Ministry of Transport, which means 1 million 200 thousand dollars per vehicle; It seems to coincide.

Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, 4 a set of vehicles for the last period auctioned 32 million TL said they had paid.

This means that each vehicle is worth a million TL.

If you think that Ankara vehicles are converted to 2,2 million TL, you can interpret the difference.

75 percent of the capital's first 30 car party, and the remaining percentage of the native 51 should not be forgotten.

Obviously, when Turkey accomplish this task, taking business from the Turkish city as long as they offer cheaper prices of international railroad monopoly it will no longer be taken for granted.

We can say that the name of the Bursa brand Silkworm led to the dumping of the name even in the wagon market.

However, the European designs in Bursa Durmazlaris also inevitable to invest more in this area.

The Turkish Wagon, which will be on the world market in Berlin next September, should have an impact on the buyer in every aspect.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality's efforts in this area should not be overlooked that fact would prevent the emergence of Turkey's foreign currency abroad.

Source: Olay- İhsan Aydın



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