Atalay, Secretary General of Turkish-Business Finance: He stated that TÜVASAŞ should remain in the area.

Turkey Wagon Industry AŞ (TÜVASAŞ) Ferizli town of transporting discussions also touched Atalay, said that should remain in the area of ​​the factory, said the factory that made workers should be enlarged intake.

Atalay argued that important institutions in Sakarya came to the point of closure. Burada Now there were institutions such as Sugar Factory, Meat Fish Association (EBK) and Equipment Factory. The work they do and the number of staff they work in is very little, Yap he said.

Atalay pointed out that TÜVASAŞ is one of the most important institutions of Sakarya and stated that one of every 3 people living in the city is connected with the factory.

Atalay, any person living in Sakarya arguing that TÜVASAŞ will not be moved, said:

M It will be in the interest of Sakarya to enlarge TÜVASAŞ where it is. TÜVASAŞ currently employs close to 900. He also has a contractor problem. There are subcontractors near 250. This is the country's gangrene. TÜVASAŞ is not useful if it moves from place to place. In other words, if there will be a contribution to TÜVASAŞ, workers should be recruited. This place needs to grow. So it wouldn't help if you moved. Nobody is allowed to do anything to harm TÜVASAŞ. That's what I can do when I'm in power. ”

Anadolu Agency is also happy to establish a regional director in Sakarya said Atalay, olduğun AA Sakarya Regional Directorate, starting in Istanbul and ends in Ankara. It is really nice to establish such an important directorate in Sakarya. AA, one of Turkey's most important institution and one of its cornerstones. I would like to thank those who set up this regional directorate. Bu

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