The additional tunnel to be built on the subway line will complete the torment experienced during the round trips to TT Arena.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality will transform the Sanayi-Seyrantepe metro line, which serves as a subordinate line, to the main line with an additional 800 meter tunnel. Thus, a 5-minute trip will decrease to 2.5 minutes and the carrying capacity of 24 thousand people per hour will double. With the completion of the tunnel, the suffering of G.Saray fans on their way back to Türk Telekom Arena Stadium will be over.
Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Kadir Topbaş said, 'The capacity and number of the metro will double. Thus, out-of-match stacks will be prevented. Due to the capacity of 2 thousand cars, the stat output will increase to 2 thousand. '
The line between Sanayi and Seyrantepe, which started to pick up passengers on November 11, 2010, is 670 meters long. Since this part is a branch that leaves the main line of the metro that goes to Hacıosman at the Industrial Station and addresses only Seyrantepe-Stadium passengers, the great problems of G.Saray fans will also be over…
G.Saray supporters, who had to leave Türk Telekom Arena in groups of 2 thousand at the end of the MATCHES, will be able to leave the status with groups of 5 thousand people with the introduction of the additional tunnel. In this way, the confluence of the fans in round-trip will be finished. The tunnel is planned to be put into service within 22 months. The completion of the additional tunnel will be directly reflected in the audience and revenue of G.Saray. Because, many fans are afraid to go to the matches of the Yellow-Red team in TT Arena due to the torture experienced in the round-trip.

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