The train leaves from Alashar!

AK Party Bursa deputy Mustafa Ozturk, Bursalıların high-speed train works, such as the announcement of the gospel made.
Governor Sahabettin Harput about the work of the AK Party Bursa Provincial Chairman Sedat Yalcin, exchanged ideas with the authorities of the authorities of the Railways and subcontractors Bursa AK Party Bursa deputy Mustafa Ozturk, said the work of the high-speed train began. Ozturk, the fast train work in Bursa in the coming days with the tunnel will be held in Alashar, he said. For the use of the company that takes the tender of high-speed rail of the railroads near the village of Igdir said that the construction site Ozturk, said the company started to work for the establishment of the construction site. Emphasizing that the studies about the route of the high speed train will be completed in a short time, Öztürk continued his words as follows: In Bursa, the construction of the section between Alasar and Balat, which has no route problems, will be started. The necessary expropriations will be done quickly.

Source : the kentgazete

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