GEKA provided 100 grant support to the project on the preparation of the feasibility of railway connection between Milas Osb and Gulluk Port.

One hundred percent grant support was provided to one of the two projects created by the Milas Chamber of Commerce and Industry to benefit from the grant support of the South Aegean Development Agency. The project, which foresees a feasibility study for the railway connection between Milas OSB and Güllük Port, received grant support among 82 project applications made to GEKA this period. kazanmoment became one of 16 projects. GEKA agreed to provide 57 percent grant support to MITSO's railway feasibility project worth 300 thousand XNUMX TL.

MITO prepared two projects to benefit from GEKA's grant support this period. One of the projects envisaged a feasibility study to transport the products produced in Osb to the port by rail between the Milas Osb and Güllük port. The second project was aimed at inventorying all workplaces in Milas.

GEKA decided to grant donations to 82 projects as a result of the elimination of 16 projects from Denizli, Aydın and Muğla provinces in order to provide grant support. MITSO's project, which envisaged a feasibility study for the construction of a railway between Osb and Güllük port, was approved by GEKA and it was accepted to provide 57 grant support.

GEKA management requested MITO management to apply to the institution within 15 days for the project in question with the letter it sent to MITO.

MİTSO Chairman of the Board Enver Tuna reminded that MİTSO received a grant support of 195 thousand 583 TL from GEKA last year for the project of improving the workforce in inland aquaculture and increasing exports. Tuna also stated that last year, within the scope of the EU's Leonardo da Vinci Project, 33 thousand 320 Euros of grant support was received for the project of training the newly recruited and unemployed as export personnel in the workplaces in Milas. The project, which includes the feasibility study for the establishment of a railway connection between Milas OSB and Güllük port, which is one of the applications, was accepted by GEKA and entitled to receive 100 percent grant support. kazanhe said he did. Enver Tuna said, “Each of our projects are projects that will open the horizon of Milas, be beneficial to its economy and development, and create added value. From now on, we will explore all kinds of possibilities and prepare new new projects. As MITSO, we will fulfill our pioneering duty for the development and development of Milas.”

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