Nükhet Işıkoğlu: Unnamed hero of railways "Nuri Demirağ"

Hello .. In this article I would like to introduce you to an anonymous hero Merhaba

His name is not known. We do not have frequent hearing. Especially for those born after 1950s, the name is very foreign to the ears bir Because it is not given to an airport, a street or a park.

In the first years of our republic, we are a person who believes wholeheartedly about the important sources of our development move, the resources of this country, the citizens of this country, the brain power y

Cesaret Nuri Demirağ eden is a name that imagines, encourages, does not give up, claims, takes its work to the end, and creates bold initiatives considering not only herself but also the development of her country and people.

Nuri Demirağ, born in 1886 in the Divriği district of Sivas, took the exam opened by the Ministry of Finance in 1910. kazanHe was appointed to Istanbul as a finance officer. After a while, he became a Finance Inspector. However, he had dreams and ideals that he wanted to realize. He did not continue this duty long, he resigned and started his business life with his brother.

His first job was in the cigarette paper business, which was monopolized by foreigners in 1918. Shortly before our War of Independence, he started the production of the first Turkish cigarette paper and named the cigarette paper he produced as "Turkish Victory". And the first in business life kazanhe obtained it.

Nuri Demirağ, with his limited capital at hand, began to work as a contractor with the great development plans of the Republic Government and the appropriate offers he offered to the state. Until then, a new tender was opened with the construction of the railway companies in France. Nuri Demirağ received the tender by stating that the foreign companies that were invited to the tender will make these roads for one-fourth of the amount they want.

Starting from Samsun, he made the construction of the 1012 km railway in ın Fevzipaşa-Diyarbakır N, ”Afyon-Antalya ily,“ Sivas-Erzurum ”and“ Irmak-Filyos “lines.

Since the land between Sivas and Erzurum was very mountainous and rocky, the tunnels were made by piercing the mountains with sledgehammer. Workers in these mountains because the iron is very hard, with sledgehammer very hard to break, when they say that it takes a lot of time, "If you can break the stone in every sledgehammer you can continue the construction of the stone," he gave the exact instructions, and then concluded with the limited possibilities of the time he has completed the job.

Nuri Demirağ, has carried out his works personally, has always been in the good and bad days of his workers, especially the tunnel where the works became more difficult, he worked shoulder to shoulder with his workers in the rough terrain studies.

Not with the railway network connecting the cities and the large construction projects it has successfully carried out, but with these works. kazanHe boasted of his money and power. Its length is 548 km. Samsun-Erzurum line reaching to; With 22 tunnels of 138 km length, 22 iron bridges and 27 thousand workers in the summer months, it broke new ground in Turkish Contracting.

Nuri Demirağ is not only one of the first entrepreneurs of our young Republic, but also our national self-confidence. kazanHe is a person who has set an example with his struggles for our life. The fact that he signed the projects he believed in and implemented with local engineers and workers is of particular importance for the period he lived in.

He was the person who turned the dream of reaching Atatürk's civilized and civilized nations reality into reality. 10. As stated in the Year March, the baştan motherland of the duck with iron nets played a major role in the writing of the verse la from the beginning. most railway construction to be contractors in Turkey, his work is excellence, effort, with difficult and scarce resources, with a sledgehammer, burrow with a hammer, Ataturk in 1934 for the complete make its railway construction, him and his brother "Demirağ" was the surname.

Tay The 71 annual life in Demirtaş's documentary,, which tells the life of Nuri Demirağ, directed by Savaş Güvezne, says the historian Necdet Sakaoğlu said ın The 35 year is the last 1922-1957 . brother in the construction of the railway for the development of Turkey Naci Bey with enthusiasm and perseverance have carried out the study. . We cannot find any other people who serve the Republican ideology with as much faith as the Demirağ brothers. Cumhuriyet Sakaoglu also says that a railway of about 1.100 miles has been standing as it is with all its tunnels, bridges and lines despite a period of more than 70 years and rağmen Nuri Bey has been the legendary hero of 1930s with his works ayrıca.

Mayor Mehmet Guresinli Divriği said: büyük Today, a journey in the Sivas-Erzurum railway line and seeing the tunnels on the spot is enough to understand the size of the works done even in today's technology. Div

Nuri Demirağ also constructed the Karabük Iron and Steel Factory, SEKA Paper Factory and Merinos Factory. In 1931, he brought experts from America and made the project of the Bosphorus Bridge that will connect Asia and Europe as a result of 4 years of research. The prepared project was taken to Atatürk by Salih Bozok and Atatürk liked the project very much and sent it to the government. However, the project was rejected by the Minister of Public Works of the period, Ali Çetinkaya, on the grounds that "Bridge disrupts the beauty of the Bosphorus". The Bosphorus Bridge project, which Nuri Demirağ had prepared and rejected by the build, operate, and transfer model on the railway in 1931, was made by Japanese engineers in 1973. But even today, the Bosphorus Bridge, which still runs through the railway, has not been implemented.

While planning to provide energy to Divriği in 1944, Nuri Demirağ is the first to express, draw and offer the Keban Dam project. The construction of Keban Dam was only included in the parliamentary agenda in 1966.

He took important steps in the field of aviation, in which he emphasized the importance of Atatürk by saying, önemli It is in the heavens. The Republic of Turkey's richest businessmen of the period to get new planes asks them to contribute money to help the army. For this purpose, they come to Nuri Demirağ. Nuri Bey iy If a nation can not live without a colloquial, so we should not wait for other people's grace to live this vehicle. I am willing to make the factory of these planes Ben. 1936 establishes a large workshop in Istanbul Besiktas, Istanbul, in order to make model and manufacturing works at the location of the Naval Museum. The 10 school plane from THK receives the order of the 65 glider and immediately starts production. Selahaddin Bey, who studied aircraft engineering in France, and a workshop with experts from Germany are transformed into a manufacturing factory.

Today International Istanbul Ataturk Airport is located on the farm where the runways and hangars do. 1941 opens a Sky School in Yeşilköy to train pilots and technicians.

Nu.D 38 code is given to the first Turkish plane in Istanbul factories. The first aircraft produced by the 1941 flew to Divriği in August.

However, the entrepreneurial spirit that is far ahead of Nuri Demirağ's time cannot find the value he deserves. Airplanes are not taken by THK due to political conflicts and the contract is terminated. Therefore, Nuri Bey built a total of 420 pilots in the flight school he established to prove that the airplanes in his possession are good and reliable, and the pilots who built it fly 60 a thousand hours with the airplanes manufactured there and the aircraft do not have any accidents. Meanwhile, the sale of aircraft abroad is prohibited, factory and airport are expropriated.

While the production and sale of the aircraft, produced by Nuri Bey in 1944, capable of speeding 325 KM per hour, going up to 1000 KM distance, up to 5000 feet, is stopped, the production and sale of the Dakota, used in the 38nd World War (DC) could only rise up to 2 feet. In 3500, Turkey purchased the F-1970 could rise up to 27 feet. This is an indication that the aircraft named Nu.D 6000, which was produced in 1944, was far above the world standards.

In 1957, Nuri Demirağ passed away with his great achievements, his dreams, his projects, his hopes and his resentments. Leaving a life story that will be followed by…

The war of independence that Atatürk launched in 19 May 1919 in Samsun was also the war of civilization of our nation. Nuri Demirağ and the story of these people whom very few of us know or forget, will shed light on our way of development in the way of modernity and civilization.

"Turkish; He is able to think, do what he thinks and accomplish whatever he can for every country that human power can create. Not being able to say “I couldn't do it, I can't do it; I passed through self, existence… insolvency, I accepted the weakness. ”

Nuri Demirağ, 1938

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