The tram produced in Bursa will be sold abroad

Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, Bursa entirely on domestic production car achieved a first in Turkey by stating that, "it is a city of Bursa Brand also produces the brand is going." said. Altepe said, “We want the vehicles we produce to be sold to the world. Bursa has such a power. " He spoke in the form.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe said that it is important to produce local brands for the Turkish economy to recover. Altepe said, “Bursa, a city that produces brands, also becomes a brand. We want the vehicles produced here to be sold to the world. Bursa has such a power. " said. Metropolitan Municipality's monthly council meeting was held in the historical building in Heykel. At the opening of the meeting, Mayor Altepe informed the council members about the works they have implemented in the last month and said that they wanted new brands to come out in their cities. "Bursa, a city that produces brands, is also becoming a brand." Altepe, using his statement, stated that the Metropolitan Municipality cares about the production of local tram. Mayor Altepe said: “We are guides. Our goal is to build planes in Bursa. Bursa has such a power. It produced the first domestic tram in a short period of 2,5 years, which will contribute to both Bursa and Turkey. We were paying a wagon to 8 trillion, countries will have to pay us the money now wanting to get cars, as well as more than half of the money will remain in Turkey. We reveal the strengths of Bursa. A vehicle with better quality and advantages was produced than Europe. We make advanced quality at a more affordable price. Native tram production, was the subject of all of Turkey. "

Altepe, said silkworm model is the first domestic production tram past weekend at the fair took place in Istanbul attracted the attention of domestic and foreign authorities gave the following information: "right the first domestic production vehicles came from Bursa in Turkey. This topic will be taught in universities. After that, the condition of 51 percent domestic production was imposed in the tenders. Now 51 percent means that Turkey will receive the natives. This also Turkey and the countries that will sell vehicles to Turkey means will make joint efforts. Bursa is an industrial city. A local brand is produced for the first time in Bursa. As the Metropolitan Municipality, we lead this issue. Our goal is to sell the vehicles produced in Bursa to the world. The company that can do this job in Bursa Durmazlar'was. This is the sheet metal cutting factory. The brand is not important here, the important thing was that we showed that we could produce this brand. Today, with this production made in Bursa, Turkey rail system within the production countries in Europe, 6, was the 7th company in the world. If Bursa produces these vehicles, Germany, France, Italy and Spain will not be able to compete with us, they will have to partner with us. "

Dr Brenner prepared a report on the Bursa Transportation Master Plan (BUAP), indicating that the Altepe, Bursa results of the transportation obtained, the company will be presented to the public within a short period of time to be done.

Source: Time

Günceleme: 24/11/2018 17:26

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