TCDD to carry a thousand passengers a day 50

TCDD General Manager Suleyman Karaman announced that they aim to carry 50 thousand passengers between the two cities on completion of the Ankara-Istanbul High Speed ​​Train line.

Karaman, air ticket prices will be lower than reported.

For the groundbreaking ceremony of Ankara-Istanbul YHT Line Köseköy-Gebze section, Karaman and journalists came from Ankara to Eskişehir with Piri Reis Test train and from Köseköy with a special train. Karaman, who made statements to journalists and answered the questions, gave information about the line.

”30 mile tunnel opened”

Ankara-Eskişehir section of 523 kilometers of Ankara-Istanbul High Speed ​​Railway line was opened in 276. Karaman, Eskişehir İstanbul stage, 2009 kilometer Eskişehir-İnönü section was completed and trial runs will be started.

Stating that the construction of the İnönü-Köseköy section of the 148 kilometer was underway, Karaman stated that the construction of this section was done in very difficult conditions and gave the following information:

”In this area you have to pass along a narrow area of ​​highway and railroad. For him, the construction site is having difficulties from time to time. On this line, the railroaders have the world's most modern CPC (tunnel drilling machine), which they call 'mole'. This machine is the world's largest 5 machine. 20 meters per day tunnel can open. We have tunnels of 6 kilometers in this section. The Bolu tunnel was an 3 kilometer. This section consists of a total of 50 kilometers of tunnels and the construction of the 30 kilometer tunnel has been completed. Total 13 kilometers are in the viaduct. Toplam

50 thousand passengers per day between Ankara and Istanbul

Ankara-Istanbul YHT Project's 56-kilometer Köseköy-Gebze section pointing to the foundation of Karaman, the opening of this section will connect to Marmaray and Ankara-Istanbul HRC Line will be completed said.

Karaman stated that the passenger potential between Ankara and Istanbul is 75 thousand per day and that they are aiming to carry a daily average of 50 thousand passengers when the line is put into service.

We enter the EU before Turkey

Karaman, who stated that the tunnels under the sea started to be erected in Marmaray, drew attention to the fact that the 56 part of the Köseköy-Gebze line, whose foundation will be laid, will be laid as a grant from EU funds. The next line will benefit from grants in voicing Karaman, "We enter the EU before Turkey, and we got the grant," he said.

6 from the EU to receive 600 million euros a year grant

Suat Hayri Aka, Deputy Undersecretary of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, stated that they would like to receive a grant from the pre-accession fund. EU funds will come from the 6 600 million euros in total a year aiming to get a record, said that the railways as a ini green project h because it is eco-friendly and supported by the EU said.

”We waited 6 months so the birds could get used to it”

Answering the questions of journalists, Karaman explained that the most important problem is the inappropriate ground and expropriation conflicts upon the question of what problems they experienced most in the construction of YHT lines.

Mı Ankara-Istanbul line will be completed in 2013? On the question of. Can there be a delay? Başlan, Karaman pointed out that unforeseeable problems can arise, but the problems can be clarified by the start of the trial. Karaman stated that they had been thinking about opening the Ankara-Eskişehir line after the 6 monthly trial but they couldn't predict it due to the bird deaths in the trial voyages.

Uk We didn't know that we would have a bird problem when we started the trial. When we began the trial, the birds came and hit the train. We searched for a solution but couldn't find it. We asked the World Railroad Association. They answered us that the solution is not the answer to the time the birds will be used to train said. We slowed down the speed until they got used to, and then we started to increase. I just took that 6 month. Now they get used to, and we don't have that problem. Şimdi

Ticket prices will be lower than the plane

On the question of how much will be the ticket prices with the introduction of the Ankara-Istanbul route, Karaman said that they have not yet set their ticket prices, but will be lower than their flight tickets. Reminiscent of that of high prices in Europe Karaman, the ticket prices will be lower than in Turkey and Europe in particular will be implemented with discounts for students who use too.

”Safety is important from speed”

Reminding that criticism of the speed of YHT is low, Karaman said that the important thing is security, not speed. Karaman said, UM The fast train operation in the world is made between 250 and 350 kilometers. 350 mileage cuts are very small. 450-500 speed kilometers are mentioned. There is no such business. We have taken the trains of the 250 speedometer taking into account the terrain conditions. With the purchase of new trains, we will be able to reach 350 kilometers in Ankara-Konya. Yeni

Between Ankara and Eskişehir consumes 1 pounds per passenger

When asked about the energy consumption of the HRC, Karaman explained that trains use 400 pounds of electricity between each of Ankara and Eskişehir and consume energy of £ 1 per passenger. Karaman, this aspect of the high-speed train contributed to energy savings, he noted.

Upon the question of whether there is a power failure, Karaman, 2 1 once a year they experienced a power outage, there were alternative power lines against interruptions announced.

Piri Reis test train takes MRI of lines

For the groundbreaking ceremony, Karaman and journalists who made the journey between Ankara and Eskişehir on a Piri Reis test train received information about the test train. Karaman, 5-6 from the test train in the world, the train has made the measurement of all segments of the line, identified problems, he said. Karaman, "a kind of MRI of the line," he said.

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