”Let the disabled people use disabled, elderly and baby-strollers”

It was reported that the elevators installed at the metro stations in Bursa were designed for families with children using disabled citizens, the elderly and babies, and that the elevators should be used correctly.
BursaRay affiliated with BURULAŞ officials, every day about 200 more than one thousand passengers in BursaRay stations, the occasional misappropriation due to disruptions, said. Authorities, these disruptions of the elevator instruction manual is not read or caused by the application, he said. Citizens, to be careful about the correct use of elevators, officials, the system will use the person, because of the special situation of the elevators must read the instructions for use, he added. Officials said:
Dır The person who will use the elevator should keep the button of the floor pressed continuously. The system starts running after 2 seconds after the buttons have been pressed. When the platform is down, the door opens. If the platform does not move, the authorities can use the doorbell and alarm bell. Platform

Source : http://www.ilgazetesi.com.tr

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