Siemens and DurmazlarParticipated in the Eurasia Rail Fair with the first domestic tram, "Silkworm", whose certification was completed.

Siemens 08-10 March 2012 in Yesilkoy Istanbul Trade Merkezi'ndedüzenlen the Eurasia Rail Rail Light Rail, the Infrastructure and Logistics Fair, as well as their successful work in Turkey, introducing innovative products and successful projects other than teknolojileriil dorm. Siemens, Turkey's rail transportation attacking the introduction of concrete examples and Eurasia Rail 2012 first held last year Railway Light Rail, Infrastructure and work and istanbulmetro for the domestic vehicle production Logistics Fair was special standıylakatıl will make the promotion of signaling applications. Siemens participated in the Eurasia Rail 2012 held in Istanbul this year with the innovative solutions it offers under the title of "Complete Mobility", and realized the promotion of urban and intercity rail transportation solutions under the "Infrastructure and CitiesSector". Life history around the world, offering himself kanıtlamışürün of industry representatives and visitors in Turkey also Siemens'instand Durmazlar Sertifikasyonutamaml were followed Turkey's first domestically developed with the tram's. Turkey's highways demiryollarınaayrıl budget allocated for the first time now in a period of budget DurmazlarThe silkworm, which was produced in collaboration with Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, uses the electric motor and technological parts of Siemens for rail systems that have proven themselves all over the world. Siemens signed the Istanbul Metro in Turkey that work in far different provinces Siemens, Hacıos one of İstanbul'umuzda intensive of financing - Metro hattınınsinyalizasyo between Şişhane and projected realized for electrification work Eurasia Rail unveils at the booth in 2012. The line, which has a total length of 16.5 km, meets an important need in the public transportation of Istanbul with a daily capacity of 300 thousand passengers. Siemens installed the control centers at Seyrantepe and Taksim stations, and commissioned the VICOS RSC, Energy and Environmental Control SCADA system to facilitate management. It provides smooth operation of processes such as ventilation, detection of malfunction in electromechanical equipment, alarm display, fire detection and management of smoke evacuation or escape route scenarios. Using the Trainguard MT solution, which is used in many large metropolitan areas within the scope of the signaling works of the Istanbul Metro, and which has all the necessary safety approvals in accordance with international standards and has been proven to be reliable, Siemens safely provides both the moving block and the fixed block train control facility to Istanbul Transportation. 90 seconds sequence interval iletasarlan system, the growing number of passengers and additional line to meet the Subway signaling project, without affecting existing daily business, replacing the current system in terms of the modernization and Türkiye'deb first. Trainguard MT, which is a preferred system in the leading cities of Europe such as Berlin and Paris, also provides the use of fully automated, driverless trains. Siemens and DurmazlarParticipated in Eurasia Rail Fair with the first local tram “İpekböb”, whose certification has been completed. The written statement on the subject was as follows: Siemens products are actively used today in rail systems in different cities such as Bursa, Gaziantep, Kayseri and Konya, apart from Istanbul. Siemens enriches the integrated solutions it offers in the field of transportation with electrification applications. These solutions, which are among the services of the Smart Networks Rail Systems Electrification Group, are handled under two main headings: Catenary Systems and Transformer Substations. With these solutions, which are offered in a wide range from high speed train lines to tram systems, all the electrification processes required by the line are carried out. Fast trains competing with airplanes Siemens also introduces fast trains used in different geographies from Germany to Spain, from Russia to China. Siemens, which produces the trains that can reach the highest speed in operation in the world with a speed of over 400 kilometers per hour, continues its high speed train production that started in 1981 with Velarosisi trains today. Visitors to the fair have the opportunity to get to know the Velaro trains, which compete with the planes with both speed and comfort. About Siemens: Siemens AG (Berlin and Munich) is a global company operating in the fields of electronics and electrical engineering, industry, energy, health and cities and infrastructure. For more than 160 years, Siemens stands out with its technological excellence, innovation, quality and reliability. Being the largest producer of environmental technologies in the world, the company obtains about 40 percent of its total revenues from green products and solutions. In the financial year 30, which ended on September 2011, 2011, the company's total sales revenues reached 73.5 billion euros, and its net profit reached 7 billion euros. As of the end of September 2011, the total number of employees of Siemens worldwide is around 360,000 people.

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