High speed train work started in Bursa

High speed train work started in Bursa

AK Party Bursa Deputy Mustafa Öztürk, said that the high speed trainings started in Bursa.

Governor Sahabettin Harput, hosted by the AK Party Bursa Provincial Chairman Sedat Yalcin, railways and subcontractor company officials to exchange ideas about high-speed train work Mustafa Ozturk, high-speed train works will begin in the tunnel Alaşar'da said.

For the use of the company's railroads, the company has set up a site near the village of Igdir for the use of the tender tender Ozturk, said the company started to work for the construction of the construction site, he said.

Emphasizing that the works related to the route of the high-speed train will be completed in a short time, Öztürk continued his words as follows: “The high-speed train studies that we are all excited about have actually started. The site was delivered by the Railways for the relevant company to use as a construction site. It is also approaching the end in the route studies. While the route works are being carried out, a path is drawn in a way not to damage the agricultural lands or to cause the least damage. Construction in Bursa will begin the construction of the section between Alaşar and Balat, which currently does not have a route problem. Necessary expropriations for this will be done quickly. In this regard, our dear governor is working to speed up the process. ”

Source: Today

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