Various tender notices published in the Official Gazette - 08 March 2012

5607 ISSUES TO BE SOLD BY THE LAW OF FIGHTING AGAINST SMUGGLING WILL BE SOLD. ——————– ITEMS THAT HAVE BEEN SOLD BY PURCHASING LAW AND RULES OF LIQUIDATION REGULATION TO BE SOLD IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE LAW NO.5607. ——————————————————– IT WILL BE SOLD AS A CLEARANCE ACCORDING TO THE CUSTOMS LAW NO. 4458 From the Ministry of Customs and Trade Directorate of Liquidation Services Eastern Marmara Customs and Trade Regional Directorate Kocaeli Liquidation Operation Directorate: - —————————————————————————— - CAR RENTAL SERVICE WILL BE TAKEN FROM Ankara PTT Directorate: ———————————————— ——————————– CUSTOMIZATION OF VARIOUS PROPERTIES REGISTERED FOR THE GENERAL DIRECTORATE OF THE FINANCIAL TREASURY AND HIGHWAYS H Announcing the PCO and the Prime Ministry Privatization Administration Chairman: --------------------------- TUG SEA will SALE from Zonguldak Turkey Hard Coal Enterprises General Directorate: ------ ————————————————————– IMMOVABLE GOODS TO BE SOLD From Xinjiang City Hall: ——————————————————————— ————– MIXING GAS WILL BE PURCHASED From TÜLOMSAŞ General Directorate: ——————————————————————————– 135 PIECES IN CEDIYE AREA 44 ADA 7 PARCEL THE INDEPENDENT PART (WORKPLACE) WILL BE SOLD BY Duzce Municipality: ——————————————————————————– INSULATED SOURCES AND RAILS WITH IZMIR BANLIOY SYSTEM LINES ALUMINOTERMIT RAIL WELDING WORK WILL BE WORKED BY REPLACING ISOLATED COUPON RAILS.

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