Reddaway: We're watching investments with admiration.

The UK railway industry trade delegation met with industrialists at the Ankara Chamber of Industry. British Ambassador David Reddaway'la TCDD General Manager Suleyman Karaman was also put to the meeting. British Ambassador David Reddaway expressed great admiration they follow Turkey's investments in railways, "the UK government pays much attention to the railway sector. Turkey's strongest supporters in the EU as champions and England. Our bilateral partnerships are developing rapidly. We should reflect this cooperation to the railway sector. Bu
Reddaway'a said much importance to cooperation with Turkey, said he would made in seeking opportunities to work with partners in Turkey.
The British made the first line
TCDD General Director Süleyman Karaman also, gave information about Turkey's railway policy. Ankara, including Turkey's express centers would be equipped with high-speed trains Karaman, he told the high-speed train lines for both passenger and freight transport will be held. Karaman, 11 thousand kilometer rail network in the country's 70'ın renewed the percentage, requiring heavy maintenance of the 30'in said the renovation work will be done. double line of Railways, Karaman explaining that the electrification and signaling, in more than half of the line diesel that works in Turkey, he said they should be converted to electric. The first railway line of the Izmir-Aydin line between the dates 1856-1912 British made by expressing Karaman, the UK for the graduate students in the field of railroad education, said that the home.

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